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You don’t have to completely overhaul your lingerie collection as lingerie trends shift, but a new season can provide an ideal opportunity to explore fresh options for sexy styles to add to your existing collection. After all, you never know; some lingerie styles that are newly trending this season might end up becoming some of the most timeless, beloved classic styles in your lingerie collection.

When you think of briefs, the first panties that come to mind probably aren’t particularly sexy. They might not even be women’s panties since briefs are traditionally linked with men’s underwear styles. However, there are many misconceptions about briefs. First of all, brief panties are much more common for women than you might think. Also, women’s brief panties are not just for practical use. Some women’s brief panty styles are flattering enough to be worn as sexy lingerie. Since they are especially flattering for curvier figures, many plus size women feel most confident and sexy when they are wearing stylish brief panties in the bedroom.

Cheeky panties are the ideal blend of practical and sexy. They are scandalous enough to wear as lingerie for a sexy night in the bedroom but comfortable and durable enough to wear as everyday underwear. When you wear cheeky panties under a pair of basic jeans or leggings, you don’t have to worry about panty lines or irritation on your most sensitive parts. In the bedroom, cheeky panties enhance your curves and show off your backside to effortlessly flatter any figure.


Slip shapewear offers you the best of both worlds. It combines the sculpting properties of shapewear with the smooth, sleek appearance of slips to create a hybrid undergarment that slims and shapes your figure under form-fitting skirts and dresses. 

Slip Shapers are designed to be worn underneath skirts and dresses to give your figure a smooth, flawless finish under even the tightest styles. Many women who are usually too intimidated or embarrassed to wear shapewear appreciate slip shapewear because it is generally more subtle than other shapewear styles. 

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When you think of women’s summer styles, tank tops are probably one of the first things that come to mind. Nothing beats the heat quite like a sleeveless top so as the weather gets warmer, tank tops naturally start lining the shelves in the women’s clothing section of boutiques and department stores alike

Tank tops are always in style for women during the summer, if only by necessity. However, styles are always changing and different tank top styles fall in and out of fashion each year. This guide details some of the tank top styles currently topping the trend charts

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Balconette bras are designed to lift your bust and enhance your cleavage. These bras stay hidden under low-cut tops and dresses with necklines that would reveal the cups of full-coverage bra styles. Balconette styles also shape your breasts to create a smooth, natural-looking rounded finish for your bust. Most balconette bras feature light lined or padded cups for shaping. The only concrete difference between balconette bras and classic bra styles is the amount of coverage their cups provide
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D is one of the most confusing bra cup sizes because it includes both double and triple cup letters, all of which are of slightly different sizes. These sizes vary even more between different international sizing systems, so choosing the right 34D, 34DD, or 34DDD bra is anything but simple.

Determining whether you should be wearing a size 34 bra band is relatively easy. If the circumference of your ribcage just below your breasts measures between thirty-two and thirty-four inches, then a 34 band size is probably your best fit. When measuring your band size, remember always to round up the number you measure to the next highest even number.

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There are as many types of plus size bras as there are standard size bras, if not more. While almost all bras advertised as ‘plus size’ focus primarily on providing extra support and security for large-busted women, the amount of support and level of comfort a plus size bra provides varies significantly depending on the type of bra you choose. The types of plus size bras described here include some of the most popular plus size styles, as well as the styles that many women find to be the most challenging to shop for successfully.
Thigh high stockings entered the world of mainstream women’s fashion around the eighteenth century when they were often worn invisibly under long dresses to increase the modesty of what were already extremely conservative outfits. As hemlines rose in women’s fashion during the early twentieth century, women’s thigh highs started to become visible underneath their shorter skirts and dresses. At this point, thigh high stockings were worn in part as a symbol of revolution against lower hemlines but also to cover exposed legs and allow women to maintain a certain level of modesty without their ankle-length dresses.
Among all types of bras, there are few less confusing than the semi-cup bra styles. These styles, which include shelf bras or cupless bras, open shelf bras, balconette bras, open cup bras, cut out bras, half bras, and quarter bras, all have slightly different designs and functions. Many people struggle to understand the unique function of each of these bra styles and the boundary lines between them, which can make shopping for a semi-cup bra extremely frustrating.
Shopping for lingerie requires you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself about your body and your sexuality, which is very difficult for many women. However, the purpose of lingerie is to help women celebrate their sexuality and feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Lingerie shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore or a punishment; it should be fun.
If you’re struggling to feel attractive during your pregnancy, wearing lingerie can be a great way to reverse feelings of unattractiveness and help you learn how to embrace your sexiness again. Wearing the right lingerie while you’re pregnant enhances the appearance of your body just the way it is and reminds you how alluring your body is at all stages of your pregnancy.
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