Bridal Panties, Underwear & Thongs

Bridal Panties, Wedding Panties, Underwear & Thongs

Choosing bridal lingerie can be a difficult decision. The underwear you want to wear on your wedding night should make you look and feel as sexy and confident as possible to ensure a hot night of fun for you and your new life partner. Your panties are one of the essential pieces of bridal lingerie. They set the tone for your entire wedding night lingerie look, and you can wear them surreptitiously throughout your wedding ceremony on your wedding night.

The bridal panties & thongs in this collection are diverse and versatile. This collection includes many classic bridal panty styles as well as more modern, original styles. All of these styles will wow on your wedding night and beyond, as they are multifaceted enough to be worn again and again as everyday panties or lingerie to remind you and your partner of your special day—and night—long after your wedding is over.

White Bridal Panties

White is the traditional color for women’s bridal panties. It’s pretty, feminine, eye-catching, and matches well with classic white wedding dresses. Plus, it plays into the traditional—albeit outdated—idea of wedding night purity.

The white bridal panties in this collection feature unique sexy detailing that adds a scandalous, sensual twist to these traditional panty styles. Several of these white panty styles are crafted from sheer lace material or include sheer lace trim. Others include small keyhole cutouts with ribbon and bow adornments for a tantalizing, feminine finish.

All of the white panty styles in this collection—even those with a more traditional style— are sexy and unique. Along with these classic white panties, this collection also includes several styles that are available in multiple bright and neutral colors—including black, pink, turquoise, yellow, and more—if you want to step further out of the box with your wedding night style.

Lace Bridal Panties

When you think of bridal panties, lace panties are probably the first thing to come to mind. Lace is the classic material used for bridal lingerie; it’s the perfect combination of delicate, feminine, and sexy. Lace panties manage to look innocent and scandalous at the same time, which makes them ideal for wedding nightwear.

Most of the bridal panty styles in this collection include some amount of lace including the thong bridal panties. Some styles feature lace panels or delicate, scalloped lace trim for a subtle, sexy finish. Others are more scandalous and are crafted entirely from patterned sheer lace material that makes it impossible for your partner to take their eyes off of you.

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