Bustier Tops


Women’s Bustier Tops

This collection is dedicated to sexy, on-trend bustier tops for women. It includes a wide selection of flattering bustier tops, many of which double as stylish everyday tops. Many of the classic bustier top styles you’ll find here are also popular options for bridal lingerie.

All of the bustier tops that are available here are hand-picked for inclusion in this collection due to their high-quality construction and design and unique, on-trend style. Keep reading to learn more about bustier tops, how to style them, and the different bustier top styles that you’ll find here in this collection.

What is a Bustier Top?

So what is a bustier top exactly? Bustier tops are longline bra tops that are traditionally worn as lingerie. The bustier is a classic style that popularized in the mid-20th century as women’s fashions became more modest and free.

A bustier can be thought of as a substitute for a strapless push-up bra—with its own unique style, of course. Bustier tops are designed with built-in bra cups and flexible internal boning that lightly shapes your figure, gently cinches your waist to make it appear slimmer, and lifts and shapes your breasts to enhance and draw attention to your cleavage.

Bustier tops are most commonly worn as sexy lingerie to show off your figure in the bedroom. However, many more revealing bustier tops also double as functional undergarments that you can layer underneath a top or dress to discreetly lift and shape your bust under your clothing for a flattering, streamlined finishing touch.

Corsets vs. Bustiers

It’s easy to get confused about what sets bustier tops apart from corsets. Corsets and bustiers are very similar, but there are multiple characteristics that differentiate these two sexy, classic undergarment styles from each other.

Both corsets and bustiers are designed with internal boning that cinch your waist to make your waistline and your midsection as a whole look slimmer. However, corsets usually focus more on shaping and slimming than bustier tops and tend to feature rigid

boning whereas most bustier tops are designed with flexible boning. Corsets are also longer than most bustier tops, which usually extend down to your waist but not all the way down to your hips like many corsets.

While corsets are designed specifically to slim your midsection and may or may not provide any support for your bust, bustier tops focus on offering lift, shaping, and support for your bust. Bustier tops are designed with built-in moulded bra cups that are lined and padded to provide support, lift, and shaping for your bust.

In some ways, bustier tops are like a modernized version of the classic corset. They share the same classic and classy style, but they are more comfortable, less restrictive, and much more versatile than traditional corsets.

How to Wear a Bustier Top

For many women, a bustier top is an unfamiliar style. That’s part of what makes bustier tops exciting to wear. A bustier top can instantly spice up your existing at-home lingerie collection, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating to style. Bustier tops are actually very simple to style and wear.

You can pair a bustier top with virtually any lingerie bottoms—or even wear it alone with nothing on the bottom for an ultra-sexy and scandalous look. Consider pairing a bustier top with high-waisted thong panties to emphasize the slimness of your waistline and show off the sexy curves of your backside.

You can also layer a bustier top underneath a teddy, babydoll, chemise, or lingerie robe to make the process of undressing—or getting undressed by your partner—in the bedroom a little more exciting for both people involved.

Interestingly enough, bustier tops have also gained ground recently as stylish tops for everyday wear. Bustier tops are trendy, flattering, and are designed to show off your figure. When paired with the right bottoms and accessories, a bustier top can serve as a flattering foundation for any on-trend everyday look. Of course, the skimpy style of bustier tops limits where they are appropriate to be worn. However, pairing a semi-modest bustier top with casual bottoms like high-waisted distressed jeans can help you create a glamorous, one-of-a-kind look that is equal parts edgy and elegant with plenty of feminine flair.

Bustier Top Styles

There are many different bustier top styles. This collection includes selections of several of the trendiest bustier top styles on the market.

Keep reading to get more details about the most popular bustier top styles that are included in this collection.

Strapless Bustier Tops

All of the bustier tops you’ll find in this collection are strapless—as a strapless design is part of what defines a bustier top. Consider trying out one of the bustier tops in this collection as a replacement for the strapless bra in your collection that always slips down before the day is halfway over.

The bustier tops you’ll find in this collection are more secure than classic strapless bras. Their flexible boning and longline silhouette better equips bustier tops to stay up all day long. Many of the bustier tops you’ll find in this collection double as some of the best strapless bras on the market.

Lace Bustier Tops

Feminine, flirty, and alluring, lace is one of the most popular materials for women’s lingerie. As such, many of the bustier tops you’ll find in this collection are made from or feature lace.

Some of these bustier tops are designed with all-over lace that shows off a glimpse of your bare skin under their semi-sheer finish. Others feature lace detailing and accents that add flirty, feminine flair to these bustier top styles.

Bridal Bustier Tops

This collection includes many bustier tops that are ideal bridal lingerie styles. Bustier tops are classic and feminine, which makes them perfect as wedding night and honeymoon lingerie styles.

If you’re in the market for lingerie for your wedding day or night—or your wedding anniversary—check out the lace bustier tops in this collection and the bustier tops that are available in classic bridal white.

Backless Bustier Tops

Many of the bustier tops you’ll find in this collection are designed with a low-back or backless silhouette.

Their low-cut backs keep these bustier tops discreetly invisible underneath low-back or backless tops and dresses.

Plus Size Bustier Tops

Bustier tops are flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. In fact, bustier tops are actually especially flattering for full-busted women because of the support, security, shaping, and lifting they provide for your bust.

This inclusive collection offers a variety of bustier tops that are available in a range of plus sizes as well as standard sizes in order to fit and flatter as wide a range of body types, shapes, and sizes as possible.