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Butt lifter Underwear

Butt Lifters

Recent statistics indicate that more than 90% of women feel unhappy with their bodies. This is an unfortunate reality because many body insecurities cannot be solved without plastic surgery or a drastic lifestyle change. Even most women who eat healthily and exercise regularly still struggle with insecurities about the appearance of their bodies.

Very few women—estimates suggest 5% or less—are actually able to achieve the “ideal” body type they set as their goal because they simply weren’t born with that body type naturally. This can lead to frustration and decreases the self-confidence of many women.

You can change the way your body looks to some extent by making changes to your lifestyle, but you can’t change the general body type you were born with unless you choose to undergo cosmetic enhancement surgery—which is permanent, comes with risks, and is difficult or impossible for many women to afford.

Many women feel insecure about how their backsides look—the backside is a very common area of physical insecurity for women, in part due to the fact that the media is full of images of women with the “perfect” perky and round backside. Some women feel like their backside is too flat, while others worry that it appears saggy.

Bodies of all types, shapes, sizes, and ages are beautiful, but it is also okay to want to enhance the appearance of your body. If you feel insecure about your backside, you could benefit from the temporary enhancement that butt lifters provide.

This collection from HauteFlair is stocked with top-quality butt-lifting styles from top brands in the women’s undergarment industry. Keep reading to learn more about butt lifters, what they are, how they work, and some of the butt lifter styles you’ll find in this collection of butt lifters from HauteFlair.

What are Butt Lifters?

Butt lifters are undergarments that are designed to give your backside a more lifted appearance. Some butt-lifting styles are also designed to make your backside appear rounder and less flat.

Butt lifters add lift and—in some cases—volume to your backside. They combat flatness and sagginess to make your backside look perky and round. There are many different

types and styles of butt lifters, many of which you’ll find in this collection from HauteFlair.

How Do Butt Lifters Work?

So how do butt lifters make your backside look perkier and—in some cases—rounder? Different butt-lifting styles work in different ways, but the butt lifters you’ll find in this collection from HauteFlair are designed to provide maximum enhancement for your backside with a very natural-looking finish.

One of the main concerns many women have about wearing butt lifters is the misconception that wearing a butt lifter makes your backside look fake or unnatural. All of the butt-lifting styles you’ll find in this collection of butt lifters from HauteFlair look completely natural—no one will be able to tell you are wearing a butt lifter unless you choose to tell them.

Most of the butt lifters in this collection are crafted with interior padding that lines your backside. This special padding lifts your backside while also adding volume that gives your rear end a round, perky finished look.

The butt lifters in this collection are comfortable and do not make your backside look or feel fake or unnatural. Plus, they remain fully invisible under even the tightest pants, skirts, and dresses in order to help you wear your butt lifters completely discreetly without drawing in any attention.

Why Wear a Butt Lifter?

There are multiple advantages to wearing a butt lifter. The number-one reason why many women consider wearing a butt lifter is to increase their body confidence. Most women struggle with some feelings of insecurity about their bodies. Different women have different insecurities that relate to their bodies, but—for many women—these insecurities include the backside.

Wearing a butt lifter can help you feel more confident about your body. Butt lifters are not designed to change your body type and they are not designed to provide you with a fake rear end. Instead, butt-lifting styles are meant to enhance the appearance of your backside and thereby increase your body confidence.

By wearing a butt lifter, you can also expand your wardrobe and feel more comfortable wearing a wider range of clothing styles. Many women avoid specific clothing styles

because they believe their backside is too flat or too saggy to pull off certain styles. Wearing a butt lifter can enhance the appearance of your backside and make you feel more comfortable wearing anything from a bodycon dress to tight jeans or leggings and more.

Overall, butt lifters do more than just give your backside a more lifted appearance. Butt-lifting styles have the power to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin—which is a feeling every woman deserves to have.

Butt Lifter Styles

This collection from HauteFlair includes many different butt lifter styles. Two of the main types of butt lifters you’ll find in this collection are butt lifter shapewear and butt lifter panties.

Keep reading to learn more about these types of butt lifters to determine which butt lifter styles will best meet your needs and preferences for how you want your body to look.

Butt Lifter Shapewear

Not all butt lifters are considered to be shapewear, but some butt-lifting styles double as shapewear. Butt lifter shapewear styles offer smoothing and shaping compression for target areas of your body—such as your lower midsection or your legs—without flattening your backside. In fact, these unique styles are actually designed to have a lifting effect on your backside.

This HauteFlair collection is home to multiple different types of butt lifter shapewear that offer varying levels of coverage for your lower midsection and legs. These shapewear styles include shaper shorts, full-body shapers, compression leggings, and more.

Butt Lifter Panties

Butt lifter panties are also included within this collection and are an excellent alternative to butt lifter shapewear. These panties are designed to discreetly lift your backside and add volume with light interior padding.

They are also ultra-discreet—they remain invisible under even the tightest bottoms and look indistinguishable from normal panties. Some of the butt lifter panty styles in this HauteFlair collection even feature sexy accents like lace trim for a flirty, feminine finish.