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Cheeky Bikini Bottoms and Cheeky swimsuits

Cheeky bikini bottom are the perfect middle ground between ultra-scandalous thong bottoms and full-coverage bikini bottoms. If you want to show off your backside without sacrificing coverage completely, cheeky bottoms are the ideal style for you. Finding swimwear that fits and flatters your unique body can be frustrating, and many women dread shopping for new swimwear just for that reason. Whether you’re plus-sized or a size 0, cheeky bikini bottoms can flatter your figure effortlessly.

In recent years, cheeky bikinis have gained a lot of popularity. They are much more flattering than classic bikini bottoms, which tend to gap and look lumpy depending on your body type. Cheeky bottoms compliment all body types and backsides of all shapes and sizes, from small and athletic to ultra-curvy. Their unique contoured shape has an automatic slimming effect on curvy women and adds volume to smaller backsides to give them a sexy, filled-out round finish. As an added bonus, cheeky bikini bottoms eliminate the pesky tan lines that are virtually inevitable after a day laying out in the sun in standard bikini bottoms.

This collection includes a wide range of cheeky bikini bottoms. Under the umbrella of cheeky bottoms, there are many different cheeky styles. Explore them here to find the cheeky bikini bottom style that best fits and flatters your unique figure.

High Waisted Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

High waisted bikini bottoms have topped the women’s swimwear trend charts for the last few years. These forgiving bikini bottoms smooth and sculpt your figure to help your waist look slimmer and your tummy looks flatter.

This collection includes several high waisted cheeky bikini bottom styles. These universally flattering styles are ideal for women of any body type, shape, and size. Their extra-wide waistband flatters your midsection and conceals common areas of body insecurity, while their cheeky cut shows off your backside for an ultra-sexy finish.

High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

High cut cheeky bikini bottoms have leg holes that rise up higher on your hips than regular cheeky bottoms. These high cut bottoms give any backside an instant lift—no plastic surgery required. High cut cheeky bikini bottoms are also a great choice for women with shorter legs and a longer torso because they automatically add the illusion of more length to your legs.

Super Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Classic cheeky bikini bottoms offer more coverage for your backside than thong bottoms, but they show off more bare skin than standard bikini bottoms. Super cheeky bikini bottoms still provide in-between coverage, but the amount of coverage they offer is much closer to that of thong bottoms than classic bikini bottoms.

If you want to give your summer swimwear a scandalous twist and avoid tan lines altogether, super cheeky bikini bottoms are an ideal option. They’re ultra-sexy and bold, but they provide enough coverage for clearance at virtually all public beaches and pools —unlike thong bottoms.

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