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Leonisa Shapewear S / Nude Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Full Body ShaperLeonisa Shapewear Power Slimmed Mid-Thigh Full Body Shaper

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Leonisa Shapewear S / Nude Slimming Body Shaper Short With Booty LifterLeonisa Shapewear Slimming Body Shaper Short With Booty Lifter

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Full Body Waist Trainers & Body Shaper - HauteFlair

Full Body Waist Trainers, Full Body Shaper

Full Body Shapers or Full body shapewear pieces are designed for women who are looking for shapewear that provides as much coverage as possible. Unlike shaper shorts, shaping panties, shaping corsets, etc. that target a certain region of your body, full body shapewear smooths and shapes many different body parts at one time. Most of these full-coverage shapewear pieces are constructed like tight, nude one-piece jumpsuits. They start at or just under your bust and extend down to the middle of your thighs. This design allows these full body shapers to offer shaping coverage to your back, tummy, hips, waist, butt, thighs, and sometimes your breasts—all of which are common roots of body insecurity for many women. 

This full body shapewear collection includes multiple waist trainers and body control shapewear pieces. These pieces are designed for everyday wear or special occasions to push away your insecurities with any muffin top or love handle and keep you feeling comfortable and confident about every part of your body.  

Comfortable Full Body Waist Trainers

One of the major concerns many women worry about before choosing a full body shaper is the comfort—or lack thereof—of these full-coverage pieces. This concern applies to all different types of shapewear, not just full body shapers, but many women end up choosing shapewear pieces that provide less coverage than they really want because they think that more coverage equals less comfort. The common fear that the all-over restriction of a full body shaper will make you feel suffocated or limit your mobility makes sense, and it is true for some full body shapewear pieces. 

However, quality full body shapers should never make you feel restricted in any way no matter how much skin they cover. All of the pieces in this full body shapewear collection are specially constructed with your ultimate comfort in mind to ensure that you are able to enjoy the effects of your shapewear on your outward appearance without paying the price of any discomfort or pain. Most of the full body shapewear pieces in this collection are crafted from a spandex blend material that feels weightless against your skin. These shapers also include special features for comfort and support like cotton gussets and adjustable straps.

Full Body Shapewear Design

Most full body shapewear pieces have the same basic design intended to provide maximum coverage while remaining invisible under a wide range of outfits. However, each full body shaper in this collection has a slightly different design to accommodate a variety of body types, comfort and support needs, and style preferences.  

One of the major differences between pieces in this collection are whether they cover your bust or not. Some of these full body shapers dip below your bust so that you can benefit from the comfort and support of your tried-and-true bra. However, others offer coverage for your bust to shape your breasts and create a smooth finish under any outfit. 

Functionality and Extra FIrm Shapewear

Wearing shapewear is not uncommon. Many women of all shapes and sizes choose to wear shapewear for a wide variety of reasons. Women who decide to go for a full body shaper rather than a less heavy-duty shapewear piece are generally more serious about the intensity of the results and extra firm they want to get out of their shaper. 

Many women who wear lighter shapewear on a daily basis—or don’t usually wear shapewear at all—want to invest in a full body shaper or extra firm shapewear to provide more intense smoothing and shaping for a special occasion. Full body shapers are popular choices underneath wedding dresses or other form-fitting formal wear that put all of your curves on display. Other women feel more confident when they wear full-coverage shapewear under their clothes every day. For women who have recently given birth or undergone surgery, full body shapewear can help temporarily restore their figure before they can get it back naturally. In this collection, you can find quality full body shapewear pieces designed for everyday wear, special occasions, post-surgical compression, and more to give you the opportunity to achieve the instant results you want no matter what they are.