Kimono Robes

Women’s Kimono Robes

Kimono robes are women's robes that are styled after the classic ancient Japanese kimono garment. Traditional kimonos are beautiful works of art that are usually saved for women to wear on special holidays, festivals, ceremonies, or other formal celebrations. Japanese kimono robes share the same elegance and grace of traditional kimonos, but you don’t have to wait for a holiday to wear one. These kimono-style robes originated in Japan, but they eventually made their way to the U.S. and popularized in the states. Classic kimono robes mimic the style of kimonos because they are unlined, feature a kimono-style collar, and are often crafted from the silk material that is characteristic of traditional Japanese kimonos.

The beauty and style of kimono robes prove that bathrobes don’t have to be frumpy or boring. While a bathrobe is probably not the first garment that comes to mind when you think of style, kimono robes demonstrate just how stylish and sexy a robe can really be. These robes are functional as casual cover-ups for lounging around the house and can even be worn as sexy nightwear. This collection includes a wide range of stylish kimono robes that capture the elegant essence of traditional kimonos with a modern, flirtatious twist that keeps them in line with current trends in the U.S. Comfortable and ultra-classy, a kimono robe is a carefree addition to your loungewear and lingerie collection that you never knew you needed.

Short Kimono Robes

This collection features several short kimono robe styles. These robes extend down to your mid-thighs for a sexier, more stylish finish. Their cropped cut is also perfect for summertime wear when it’s too hot to walk around the house in a full-length bathrobe.

Many of the short kimono robes in this collection are adorned with eyelash lace and other flirty detailing that adds to their stylish finish and makes these styles possible unique additions to your lingerie collection.

Long Kimono Robes

This collection also includes full-length kimono robe styles. These robes are ideal as wintertime loungewear. Many of these full-length robes are made from cozy materials like cotton for extra warmth.

Silk Kimono Robes

Silk is the traditional material used to make classic Japanese kimonos. Many of the kimono robe styles in this collection are also crafted from high-quality silk material.

These silk kimono robes are soft with a weightless feel that makes them ultra- comfortable as loungewear or lingerie. If you choose to rock one of these silk kimono robes in the bedroom, your partner won’t be able to take their hands off of you even before your robe comes off.

Cotton Kimono Robes

Many of the kimono robes in this collection are not crafted from silk but are made from other comfortable, breathable materials—like cotton and super soft jersey material—that offer more warmth and a classic cozy feel.