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Mapale Lingerie - HauteFlair

Mapale Lingerie

This collection is dedicated to a diverse selection of lingerie styles for women, all of which are sourced from renowned global lingerie and intimate clothing brand Mapale.

About Mapale Lingerie

Mapale is global lingerie and intimate clothing brand/wholesaler that distributes its diverse and versatile lingerie styles exclusively to retailers worldwide. They design and distribute edgy, innovative lingerie styles that range from classic, elegant babydoll lingerie styles to ultra-sexy and scandalous revealing bra and panty garter lingerie sets. As for non-lingerie styles, Mapale also offers denim and nightwear collections that feature sexy and stylish denim and sleepwear style options for women.

Mapale is very prolific with their production. They release multiple lingerie collections every year, each of which is filled with a variety of brand-new lingerie styles that are in line with the current hottest trends in the world of women’s lingerie. Mapale designs and mass-produces high-quality lingerie pieces that are designed with a modern flair that keeps up with the ever-changing top trends on the women's’ lingerie market.

Mapale is one of the most well-renowned women’s lingerie wholesalers—and their lingerie styles are highly coveted by many lingerie retailers all over the world.

Mapale Lingerie Styles

HauteFlair is proud to carry one of the widest, most diverse selections of genuine Mapale lingerie styles, all of which you can explore in this Mapale lingerie collection.

These Mapale lingerie styles include bodysuit lingerie, bra and panty sets, thong panties, babydoll lingerie, robe lingerie, plus size lingerie, and more. You can find virtually any and every Mapale lingerie style within the inventory of this expansive and exclusive Mapale lingerie collection.

Mapale Bodysuit Lingerie

Mapale carries a wide selection of one-piece and bodysuit lingerie styles, many of which you’ll find within the inventory of this collection.

This collection features many different teddy lingerie styles from Mapale. These teddy styles are universally flattering and in line with the current hottest top trends in the world of women’s lingerie.

Mapale Bra and Panty Sets

Bra and panty sets are one of the most versatile lingerie styles on the market. Mapale designs a wide variety of high-quality, versatile bra and panty sets.

This collection includes two-piece Mapale bra and panty sets that range in style from modest and practical to ultra-sexy and scandalous. It also features three-piece Mapale bra and panty garter sets that include a matching bra and panty style and a sexy garter accessory that adds a bold edge to your simple, classic lingerie look.

Mapale Thong Panties

Thong panties are one of the most popular panty styles on the women's lingerie market. They are simultaneously practical and sexy. Thong panties double as convenient everyday panties that defeat visible panty lines and alluring lingerie thong panties that allow you to show off your sexy figure in the bedroom.

This Mapale lingerie collection includes an expansive selection of individual thong panties, including classic everyday thong panties, nude thong panties, seamless thong panties, sexy lace lingerie thong panties, crotchless thong panties, and more.

Mapale Babydoll Lingerie

Babydoll lingerie is classic and elegant, feminine and flirty. It is a traditional type of lingerie with a decades-long history of topping the trend charts on the women’s lingerie market. Babydoll lingerie styles are universally for a wide variety of body types, shapes, and sizes.

Mapale designs babydoll lingerie styles that are elegant and inspired by vintage babydoll lingerie but that also feature their own unique modern flair that sets them apart from other babydoll lingerie styles on the women’s lingerie market. You’ll find a wide selection of Mapale babydoll lingerie styles in both standard and plus sizes in this Mapale lingerie collection.

Mapale Robe Lingerie

Robe lingerie might sound slightly unconventional, but it is actually one of the current hottest top trends in the world of women's lingerie. Most robe lingerie styles are crafted from all-over lace or mesh with a semi-sheer finish, although some robe lingerie styles are also made from opaque materials like satin and silk. You can layer sexy robe lingerie over other pieces to add elegance and sexy style to any lingerie look. Or, if you are a woman who prefers more scandalous lingerie styles, you can wear a sexy robe lingerie style on its own and bare your figure underneath its semi-sheer finish.

Mapale is not one to be left behind, so this innovative lingerie retailer has been one of the top global lingerie retailers at the front of the robe lingerie trend since this trend first emerged on the women’s lingerie market. In this collection, you’ll find a wide selection of Mapale robe lingerie styles that are designed to add sexy style to any lingerie look. In addition to individual robe lingerie styles, this collection also includes sexy Mapale robe lingerie sets that include a lingerie robe and sexy matching panties. You can wear two-piece robe lingerie sets as complete lingerie looks to make a sexy, trendy statement in the bedroom.

Mapale Plus Size Lingerie

The women’s lingerie market as a whole is very unfairly skewed toward targeting slimmer women, but Mapale and HauteFlair are two major players in the lingerie industry that are both focused on being as inclusive as possible.

This collection includes a wide selection of Mapale plus size lingerie. Mapale offers plus size versions of almost all of their lingerie styles, in addition to their selection of lingerie that is designed specifically for plus size women and is exclusively available in plus sizes.

In this collection, you can find plus size Mapale babydoll lingerie, robe lingerie, teddy lingerie, bra and panty sets, etc. etc. Mapale’s expansive selection of plus size lingerie are available in this collection in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X in order to fit and flatter as many women’s one-of-a-kind figures as possible.