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Sexy Pantyhose, Stockings, and Tights

Women’s Pantyhose

This collection is dedicated to women’s pantyhose styles—including functional everyday pantyhose styles and sexy pantyhose styles that are designed specifically to show off your figure in the bedroom.

What is Pantyhose?

Almost every woman is at least somewhat familiar with pantyhose. After all, pantyhose is nothing new. In fact, it has a long history that dates back to the early 1950s when pantyhose finally replaced tights as the primary type of women’s hosiery on the market.

Pantyhose refers to classic women’s hosiery that offers full coverage for your legs underneath skirts and dresses. Classic pantyhose styles are made from stretchy mesh-like material that shows off a blurred glimpse of your bare skin underneath its semi-sheer finish.

Pantyhose vs. Stockings vs. Tights

Pantyhose, stockings, and tights are three very similar styles that are often referred to interchangeably. Are there differences between pantyhose, stockings, and tights? If so, what are the differences between these three similar styles that are all encompassed underneath the umbrella of women’s hosiery?

Technically, there are certain characteristics that distinguish pantyhose from stockings and tights. Pantyhose and stockings both have a semi-sheer finish, but pantyhose offers full coverage up to your waist while stockings generally only extend up to your knees or mid-thigh. Tights have a design and fit that is very similar to that of classic pantyhose, but tights tend to be made of a thicker material that offers more opaque coverage than traditional pantyhose does.

With that being said, it is not at all uncommon to see these different types of modern women’s hosiery referred to and advertised interchangeably on the mainstream market. In fact, this women’s pantyhose collection includes a wide variety of styles—many of which could be referred to as stockings or tights rather than traditional pantyhose styles.

Is Pantyhose Outdated?

It is a common misconception that pantyhose is outdated. This is, in fact, not the case. While pantyhose is not as ubiquitous as it once was in women’s everyday wardrobes, it is unlikely that pantyhose will ever actually go out of style. It’s a functional essential that serves many purposes in any woman’s wardrobe.

It is true that pantyhose has become much less popular over the decades since it was first introduced on the market for women in the mid-20th century. However, that doesn’t mean it has gone out of style. The decrease in popularity of pantyhose is mostly due to the fact that, when pantyhose was first invented, women were still expected to cover their legs in public as a general rule for modesty’s sake.

Over time, of course, that expectation has been lifted as fashion standards for women have become much less restrictive in terms of modesty. Pantyhose is no longer required for women to wear according to societal standards, but that doesn’t mean that pantyhose doesn’t still serve a genuine purpose as an accessory to many different outfits.

As you will see from the styles in this collection, pantyhose is ultra-versatile and still makes a welcome, stylish addition to many outfits by tying together virtually any look with a polished, streamlined finish.

How to Wear Pantyhose

Most pantyhose styles—like many of the sexy pantyhose styles you’ll find in this collection—are designed to be worn underneath skirts and dresses to offer sleek coverage for your legs.

While they were originally designed for modesty purposes, pantyhose now serve to streamline your outfit and give it an effortlessly polished finishing touch. The pantyhose styles you’ll find in this collection are designed to be worn both inside and outside of the bedroom.

You can pair these versatile styles with your everyday looks, or save some of the sexier pantyhose styles you’ll find here to flatter your figure and complete your lingerie looks in the bedroom.

Pantyhose Styles

This collection includes a broad selection of different pantyhose styles, including but not limited to control pantyhose, sexy stockings, fishnet tights, and plus size pantyhose styles. Most of these pantyhose styles are available in black and/or nude.

Control Pantyhose

This collection features a selection of top-quality control-top pantyhose that are designed with special features to shape your lower midsection and ensure a smooth finish under any outfit.

The high-waisted fit and firming or double-layered material of these special control pantyhose styles gently and comfortably slim your waistline and tummy and reduce the appearance of love handles and muffin top.

Sexy Stockings

In addition to a wide variety of different pantyhose styles, this collection also includes a selection of sexy stockings that are designed to add an alluring finish to any look.

The sexy stockings in this collection include a broad selection of sensual thigh-high styles that lengthen your legs and flatter your figure to add interest and a tantalizing focal point to everyday outfits and lingerie looks.

Black Pantyhose

Black is one of the most popular colors for pantyhose, and this collection includes a diverse selection of black pantyhose styles.

Black pantyhose adds a sleek focal point to virtually any look. The black pantyhose styles you’ll find in this collection are ultra-versatile and effortlessly fit in as part of a wide range of different outfits both in and out of the bedroom.

Nude Pantyhose

This collection is home to a diverse selection of nude pantyhose styles. Nude pantyhose are perfect for adding a sleek, subtle, polished finish to your outfit without stealing the spotlight away from the rest of your look.

Nude is not a universal shade, so many of the nude pantyhose styles you’ll find in this inclusive collection are available in multiple different shades of nude in order to flatter as wide a range of skin tones as possible.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights add bold style to any look. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the selection of fishnet tights you’ll find in this collection.

These fishnet styles are designed to give your look a daring, ultra-sexy finish that is eye-catching and can be worn in the bedroom or paired with an everyday look.

Plus Size Pantyhose

Pantyhose has no size limit. It adds streamlined coverage and polished finishing touch to a wide range of different outfits, and it’s flattering for women of all body types,
shapes, and sizes.

In order to fit and flatter as many figures as possible, this inclusive pantyhose collection includes a wide selection of women’s pantyhose and stockings styles that are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X as well as a normal range of standard sizes.