Plus Size Shapewear

Shapewear for Plus Size, Body Shaper, Waist Shaper & Girdles

Become a more confident version of you with the slimming shapewear in this plus size shapewear collection. There is nothing shameful about wearing shapewear pieces. Many plus size women are hesitant to purchase shapewear due to the widespread misconception that body shapers are designed to help you hide your natural figure and present a different body to the world.

In reality, the purpose of shapewear is not to conceal your body. Instead, shapewear is designed to enhance your body just the way it is by gently smoothing and shaping your curves. Women of all shapes and sizes wear shapewear. Plus Size Body Shapers are not only effective for curvy plus size women, many very slim women appreciate the shaping and smoothing benefits of shapewear. Women with high body confidence also wear shapewear. Wearing shapewear does not imply that you’re unhappy with your body, but it can help you feel more confident about showing off your curves in tight-fitted clothing.

Different women have different preferences when it comes to shapewear. Some women don’t feel comfortable in tight-fitted clothing unless they’re wearing a full-body shaper underneath. Other women prefer more subtle light shapewear pieces that lightly shape only certain parts of their body rather than their entire figure. There is no right or wrong way to wear shapewear. The purpose of shapewear is to help you feel sexier and more confident in your skin, so you should choose your shaping pieces based on which ones will make you feel most comfortable with your own body. This collection offers a variety of shapewear options, from shaping plus size control panties to full body shapers so that you can find the right pieces to help you accomplish your shapewear goals matter what level of shaping coverage you want.

Plus Size Tummy Control Panties

If you’re new to shapewear and want to try it out without making any drastic choices, wearing tummy control panties is the best way to ease into the world of shapewear. Shaping panties are the least intense type of shapewear. They look and fit just like any regular pair of panties, but they feature a high waistband that extends up over your belly. The panties are designed to lightly shape and smooth your midsection and make them appear slimmer. They work well for discrete everyday wear under almost any outfit.

This plus size shapewear collection includes multiple styles of shaping panties. Whether you’re a long-term shapewear user or are thinking about purchasing your first shaping piece, shaping panties makes an excellent beginning or addition to your collection.

Plus Size Body Shapers

Body shapers provide more intense shaping benefits than subtle pieces like shaping panties. These shapers cover a larger area of your body and offer firmer shaping. Somebody shapers focus on shaping and smoothing one body part, such as your legs or your stomach. Other shapers have a full-coverage construction that is designed to shape almost your entire body, including your midsection, backside, and legs. Of course, the type of plus size body shaper you choose depends heavily on the clothes you plan to wear with it. It’s much more practical to put on a shaping vest instead of a full-body shaper if you’re wearing a pair of shorts, for example.

Fortunately, this collection includes a body shaper for almost any outfit. Its expansive inventory includes many different full-body shaper styles, including shaping slips, shaping bodysuits, slimming vests, and shaping shorts. No matter what part of your body you want to shape, you’re almost guaranteed to find a piece in this collection that is designed to shape your target area.

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