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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Sleep Bras, Plus Size Sleep Bra

Sleep Bras

Wearing a bra while you sleep doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, wearing a bra while you sleep can actually be more comfortable thannotwearing one—if you buy the right, high-quality sleep bra.

This collection of sleep bras from luxury lingerie company HauteFlair is stocked with a wide variety of comfortable and stylish bras that are designed to be worn while you sleep. Keep reading to learn more about sleep bras, the benefits of wearing them during the night, and some of the sleep bra styles you’ll find in this collection.

What is a Sleep Bra?

Sleep bras are bras that are designed to be worn while you sleep. They are generally unlined and most do not feature underwire or other support features that are necessary for daytime bras for many women.

Despite their name, however, sleep bras are not just for sleeping. Many women also choose to wear sleep bras while they are lounging around the house or whenever they want to be comfortable and don’t require as much support for their bust as they do on a normal everyday basis.

Sleep bras make excellent alternatives to sports bras and bralettes—which are two of the most common bra styles that women who prefer to sleep in their bras tend to wear during the night.

While many sports bras are unlined, they are designed to provide enough support for your bust to get you through a rigorous workout comfortably. Sports bras are generally more comfortable than standard everyday bras, but they can also feel tight and restrictive—which is not what you want when you’re trying to sleep.

Bralettes, on the other hand, are designed primarily to be stylish, so they don’t always offer the comfort and support that women need from nighttime bras in order to get a night of proper rest.

Sleep bras offer the best of both worlds. They are designed specifically with sleep in mind and offer ideal levels of comfort and support to help you get a good night of sleep every night.

Why Wear a Sleep Bra?

Whether or not you wear a bra while you sleep is a personal choice. Some women feel uncomfortable when not wearing a bra, while others feel most comfortable with the added support of a sleep bra during the night or during the daytime lounging. However, there are multiple advantages to wearing a bra while you sleep.

1. Comfort

Many women feel more comfortable and find it easier to go to sleep at night when they wear a sleep bra. For some women, wearing a bra becomes so habitual that they feel uncomfortable without wearing one at night. Other women feel more comfortable when their breasts are separated and contained in a bra than when they are not.

Regardless of the reason why you feel more comfortable wearing a bra during the night, try wearing a sleep bra from this HauteFlair collection for maximum comfort and the highest-quality sleep.

2. Support

Different women require different levels of support from their bras. Some women need so much support from their bras that they need to wear a bra while they sleep in order to feel more comfortable throughout the night.

Not getting enough support from a bra while you sleep can have detrimental consequences—including inflammation and chronic pain problems throughout the day. Sleep bras provide just enough support to keep women of all bust sizes comfortably through the night.

3. Pain Relief

Not wearing a bra can cause chronic pain and inflammation—especially chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Most women who experience this type of chronic pain from not wearing a bra have larger busts that weigh more than smaller busts and therefore place more strain on the upper back, neck, and shoulders.

Wearing a bra while you sleep can help relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain and inflammation in larger-busted women by providing support throughout the night. Many women who suffer from chronic pain related to the size of their busts notice a significant reduction in this pain throughout the day after they begin wearing sleep bras.

Types of Sleep Bras

There are many different types of sleep bras that help fulfill different women’s needs for comfort and support while they sleep.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular types of sleep bras that you’ll find within this collection.

Cotton Sleep Bras

Cotton is one of the most comfortable types of materials for bras. It is soft, ultra-breathable to prevent night sweating, and doesn’t irritate your skin.

Many of the sleep bras you’ll find within this collection are made from 100% cotton or a cotton-dominant blend of materials in order to help you get the best, most comfortable sleep every night.

Lace Sleep Bras

Many women don’t wear sleep bras because they think of sleep bras as plain, unflattering undergarments. As the sleep bras in this collection prove, however, this does not have to be the case.

In this collection, you’ll find sleep bras that are crafted from lace or with lace accents. These lace sleep bras help you look and feel sexy and body-confident while you stay comfortable, too.

Nursing Sleep Bras

Many women wear bras during the night while they are nursing to keep their more sensitive breasts comfortable and prevent them from getting irritated.

However, many types of bras that women wear during the night while they are nursing—such as sports bras or standard unlined bras—make nighttime feedings difficult and inconvenient.

Nursing sleep bras offer the perfect solution to this problem. They are designed like any ultra-comfortable sleep bra, except their straps feature special release clips that allow for easy access for feeding your baby in the middle of the night.

Plus Size Sleep Bras

Many women of all body types, shapes, and sizes prefer to wear bras while they sleep. However, plus-size women tend to have larger busts on average than more petite women—which means they need more support from their bras during the day and throughout the night.

In order to help as many women get the best sleep possible every night, HauteFlair carries sleep bras in a wide range of sizes—including plus sizes. This wide range of sizes comfortably accommodates women who wear any bra size from 34B to 42E.