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What is Slutty Lingerie?

The terms ‘slut’ and ‘slutty’ don’t usually have positive associations for women. In fact, most women are very offended or even outraged—and rightfully so—at the idea of being called a slut. An important distinction to make is that wearing slutty lingerie doesn’t mean that you are a slut—although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a self-proclaimed slut either.

Slutty lingerie is just another category of lingerie, and it is a very versatile category at that. All types and styles of lingerie—from teddies to babydolls to bra and panty sets— can be slutty lingerie. The only common factor these ‘slutty’ styles share is that they are all designed to create scandalous, “naughty” lingerie looks that are ultra-sexy and impossible to ignore.

Slutty doesn’t have to be an insult. Slutty lingerie is a sexy, ultra-scandalous lingerie category that lets you show off your naughty side. It is extremely revealing and meant to make a bold statement that can’t be ignored.

Slutty Lingerie

The slutty lingerie in this collection is sensual, daring, and sure to tease, tantalize, and turn your partner’s head in the bedroom. You can find many different slut lingerie styles here—including crotchless panties and open tip bras and bralettes, slutty plus size lingerie—all of which have an added sexy, scandalous twist that sets them apart from tamer styles.

If you feel like your life in the bedroom is getting a little boring, check out the slutty panties styles in this collection to add an instant spark of interest and sex appeal to your ho-hum lingerie wardrobe.

Why You Should Wear Slutty Lingerie

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you feel like your lingerie style is a little tame and isn’t quite adding the spark you want in the bedroom, it might be time to say ta-ta to your old styles and step outside of your comfort zone.

Wearing slutty lingerie is a great first step toward getting out of your comfort zone. If you’re not quite ready to try on full-blown slutty lingerie, though, start with slightly more scandalous versions of your favorite styles—like the pieces in this sexy lingerie collection

Increase Your Confidence

Women commonly experience feelings of shame related to sex and their bodies due to societal pressures that press down on everything from how promiscuous women “should” be to what types of the body “deserves” self-confidence—and which types don’t.

Constantly being bombarded with these oppressive messages can really mess with your own sense of body confidence. Wearing slutty lingerie is a bold move that allows you to define your own sexuality without asking for permission. Use this scandalous lingerie to help you discover your confidence again and don’t be afraid to express it with slutty lingerie pieces like the styles from this expansive slutty lingerie collection.

Slutty Lingerie Styles

Slutty Panties and Hot Panties

This slutty lingerie collection includes a wide variety of sexy crotchless panty styles and hot panties. A revealing crotchless design adds a bold, slutty, scandalous finish to hot panty style, transforming a standard pair of panties into ultra-sexy sluttiest Lingerie

You have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing slutty panty and hot panties styles from this collection. Accentuate your curves with a bold, black strappy lace crotchless cage panty. Show off your delicate, feminine side in a crotchless lace thong detailed with scalloped lace trim and a flirty slutty bow. Most of the slutty panties here are crafted from semi-sheer lace that lets these styles show off even more skin than they already do.

Slutty Bra

You can find multiple open tip bra and bralette styles among the slutty lingerie in this collection. These revealing slutty bra styles—also known as peek-a-boo bras and bralettes— feature small cutouts in front to show off your nipples underneath for a naughty, tantalizing finish.

Combine feminine style with daring sex appeal in a pretty white open tip bralette crafted from sheer white lace with delicate scalloped trim. Show off your slutty side in a leopard- print open tip bralette detailed with black ribbon and bows for a flirty, daring finish. The teasing, peek-a-boo style of these open tip bras pairs well with the crotchless slutty panties in this collection. Mix and match these styles to create scandalous, naughty, slutty lingerie sets that never fail to wow and excite in the bedroom.