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When you think of briefs, the first panties that come to mind probably aren’t particularly sexy. They might not even be women’s panties since briefs are traditionally linked with men’s underwear styles. However, there are many misconceptions about briefs. First of all, brief panties are much more common for women than you might think. Also, women’s brief panties are not just for practical use. Some women’s brief panty styles are flattering enough to be worn as sexy lingerie. Since they are especially flattering for curvier figures, many plus size women feel most confident and sexy when they are wearing stylish brief panties in the bedroom.

There are as many types of plus size bras as there are standard size bras, if not more. While almost all bras advertised as ‘plus size’ focus primarily on providing extra support and security for large-busted women, the amount of support and level of comfort a plus size bra provides varies significantly depending on the type of bra you choose. The types of plus size bras described here include some of the most popular plus size styles, as well as the styles that many women find to be the most challenging to shop for successfully.
Teddies are a favorite lingerie style that looks similar to and fits like a bodysuit. What sets teddies apart from many other lingerie styles is the fact that they create a complete look with only one piece. Teddies are also very stylish; they are virtually bodysuits—which are currently topping the trend charts for everyday fashion For plus size women, this teddy lingerie design hugs your curves and accentuates them in the sexiest way possible.

Plus size shapewear can transform your body and the way you wear your clothes on an everyday basis. There is an endless variety of plus size shapewear pieces that slim, shape, and lift your body in all the right places. The right shapewear enhances your body to make you look and feel like the best version of you.

Plus size lingerie is a topic that contemporary mainstream media does not talk about enough and that plus size women are forced to think about way too much. As almost every plus size woman knows, quality plus size clothing as a whole can be complicated to shop for successfully. Many “plus size” styles are not flattering or well-fitting for real plus size women, and there are never enough clothing options.
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For plus size women everywhere, the lingerie component of Valentine’s Day is often disappointing. Every woman deserves to feel as sexy as possible on Valentine’s Day, no matter what your measurements are. If you’re in search of plus size lingerie for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, use this guide to help you find well-fitting Valentine's Day lingerie pieces that will flatter your body size, and shape just the way it is.
Along with flowers, chocolates, and cards with cartoon hearts printed on the front, lingerie is one of the most popular gifts for adoring men or women to buy for their female partners on Valentine’s Day. Since February 14th is the day for celebrating love, sex, and romance, it makes sense that lingerie would be a common choice for a present. This post can steer you in the right direction toward finding flattering and well-fitting lingerie from reputable brands for the curvy and/or plus size woman in your life.
Valentine’s Day is the official holiday of love, sex, and romance. If there’s any time when you should pull the trigger on a new set of sexy lingerie, it’s Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re not usually one to wear anything more alluring than an everyday thong, V- Day is a special occasion when everyone deserves to feel their sexiest.
The Christmas season is the best time of the year. Give yourself the gift of boosted confidence and sexiness by picking out a gorgeous Christmas plus size lingerie & Santa lingerie set for yourself. Check out this post to discover some of the best Plus Size Santa lingerie on the market for this holiday season.
Women of every size should have easy access to comfortable and Support bras that help them feel better instead of plaguing their everyday activities with discomfort and pain. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of plus-sized bras on the market that positively defy comfort expectations while still providing ample support for your bust.

Over the past thirty years, Panache has shown continuous dedication to designing new innovative styles that stay in line with current trends and successfully meet the changing lingerie needs and preferences of modern women. 

Panache is renowned for the commendable fit, functionality, and fashion of the pieces they create. They specialize in designing and manufacturing quality D plus lingerie with the goal of creating lingerie that accommodates and flatters women of all shapes and sizes with many different body types.