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Cotton Panties, Underwear & Thongs

Cotton Panties | Cotton Thongs & Underwear

Cotton is the Holy Grail of materials for women’s panties. It is super soft, ultra-comfortable, breathable, and hygienic. Wearing cotton panties on a regular—ideally, every day—basis helps promote healthy airflow down there as well as reduce your risk of developing unpleasant odors and nasty infections in your most sensitive areas.

This collection is devoted entirely to cotton panty styles for women. It includes cotton panties in every style you can imagine, from cotton boyshorts panties to cotton thongs. This cotton panty collection features cotton underwear for everyday wear, cotton panty lingerie, organic cotton panties, cotton panties in plus sizes, and more. If you’re in the market for more comfortable, breathable, and hygienic panties, look no further than this expansive collection of cotton panties for women.

Organic Cotton Panties

This collection takes cotton panties a step further in terms of comfort and hygiene. All of the cotton panty styles you’ll find in this collection are made from pure organically-grown cotton.

Organic cotton refers to cotton that is grown from non-genetically modified seeds without the use of harsh chemicals and other toxins, including pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, etc. These chemicals and toxins—which are often found in conventional, non-organic cotton products—can cause skin irritation and discomfort. Organic cotton material is much safer for your skin. Plus, it is softer than regular cotton.

All of the cotton panties you’ll find in this collection are found from naturally-sourced, organic cotton material that is super soft and won’t irritate your skin in your most sensitive areas.

Plus Size Cotton Panties

At HauteFlair, we believe that women of all body types, shapes, and sizes deserve panties that help them feel confident, stylish, sexy, and comfortable. As such, this collection features cotton underwear in an inclusive range of sizes and includes a broad selection of plus size cotton panties.

The plus-size cotton panties in this collection include plus size cotton hipster panties, plus size cotton thongs, etc. etc. Virtually all of the sexy and everyday cotton panty styles in this collection are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X in order to universally fit and flatter real women’s figures.

Sexy Cotton Panties

Cotton panties don’t have to be basic or boring. In fact, some of the highest quality sexy panties on the women’s panty market are made from cotton material. Sexy cotton panties offer the best of both worlds in terms of style and comfort. They are sexy and stylish enough to be worn as lingerie in the bedroom, but they are comfortable enough to double as everyday panties for all-day wear. Cotton is an ideal material for sexy panties as it wards off-odors and infections that can majorly disrupt the sexy fun you’d otherwise be enjoying in the bedroom.

This collection includes a broad selection of sexy cotton panties in different colors and patterns. It features an inventory of sexy cotton and lace panties that are made from pure cotton with the exception of a semi-sheer stretch lace waistband. These panties are available in many different bright and neutral colors. This collection also includes all-over semi-sheer stretch lace panties that feature a pure cotton gusset for added comfort, breathability, and hygiene.

Cotton Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are one of the most popular panty styles for women. They offer comfortable full coverage with a flattering fit. This collection offers a wide range of cotton bikini panty styles that are ideal for comfortable everyday wear.

Cotton Brief Panties

Although briefs are traditionally a style of men’s underwear, briefs and boy short panties have become more popular for women over time. Briefs and boy shorts are ultra-comfortable, non-irritating panty styles that are ideal for everyday or nighttime wear. This collection includes a broad selection of cotton brief panties and cotton boy short panties. Many of the cotton brief and boy short panty styles in this collection include lace trim or detailing that adds a feminine, flirty finish to these traditionally masculine styles.

Seamless Cotton Panties

The seamless cotton panty styles in this collection add comfort and discretion to classic cotton panties. They remain invisible under even the tightest bottoms (including leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, etc.). Plus, they won’t leave unsightly red marks or uncomfortable indents in your skin.

The seamless cotton panties you’ll find in this collection are available in a wide range of colors, cuts, and styles. Many of the seamless cotton panty styles are available in white. These seamless white cotton panties are extra discreet under tight white pants, skirts, dresses, etc. If

you’re in the market for the most discreet panties you can find, check out the ultra-discreet white seamless cotton thong panty styles available in this collection.

Cotton Thong Panties

If you’re under the impression that thong panties are irredeemably uncomfortable for everyday wear, try one of the ultra-comfortable cotton thong panty styles in this collection before you write off thongs for good.

The cotton thong panties in this collection are comfortable, breathable, hygienic, and discreet. Unlike many thong panty styles made from other materials, they don’t bunch up uncomfortably around your hips and they actually ward off the development of odor, itchiness, and infection. This collection includes low rise cotton thong panties, high rise cotton thong panties, cotton thong panties with sexy lace trim or detailing seamless cotton thong panties, and many other styles.

Cotton Thongs & Cheeky Cotton Panties

If you don’t want to wear a thong but are in the market for sexy cotton panties, get a little more coverage with one of the sexy cotton cheeky panty styles available in this collection. Cheeky panties offer slightly more coverage for your backside than cotton thongs but still maintain the same sexy style.

Many of the cotton cheeky panties you’ll find here are available with semi-sheer stretch lace trim or detailing for a feminine, flirty style that doesn’t interrupt the comfort or hygiene of these cotton panties offer.