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G String Panties

Sexy G Strings & G String Panties

If you’re in the market for G string panties, look no further than this collection—which is dedicated entirely to sexy G string panties.

All of the sexy G string panties you’ll find in this collection are sourced from top designers on the women’s lingerie market and hand-picked for their quality, durability, comfort, and trendiness.

What are G String Panties?

Before you start browsing through the antics in this collection, it’s important to have a good understanding of what exactly G string panties are and what it is that differentiates these panties from other types of women’s panties on the market. G string panties are a type of ultra-revealing thong. These panties consist of a small triangle of fabric in the front that is held up by its attachment to a narrow strip of elastic that makes up the waistband of the panties.

G string panties are very revealing and very sexy. Their narrow waistband and ultra-minimalist style show off basically as much bare skin as possible while still offering minimal coverage for your most sensitive and private areas. The shape of G string panties is naturally flattering for virtually any figure. G string panties highlight and accentuate your curves and enhance your sexiest physical assets without stealing the spotlight away from your body itself. They make your body look its best with or without clothes.

Another underrated advantage of G string panties is that they are one of the most discreet panty styles on the market. The slim design of G string panties and the minimal amount of material they include keeps G string panties invisible under virtually any bottoms—even very tight bottoms like skinny jeans and leggings. When you wear G string panties, you never have to worry about visible panty lines.

G string panties aren’t renowned for being comfortable, but many women actually report that G string panties are more comfortable than other types of thong panties and that they are barely noticeable throughout all-day wear because of how little material they include. Obviously, this is not the case for everyone, but it’s definitely worth noting— especially considering the bad rap G string panties tend to get in the comfort department.

What does the ‘G’ in G String Stand For?

Even if you already know what G string panties are and what they look like, you probably don’t know what the ‘G’ in G string actually stands for.

Although they have gained much more widespread popularity recently, the history of G string panties is long and complicated. In fact, the term ‘G string’ or ‘geestring’ has been circulating for hundreds of years—since at least the beginning of the 1800s.

Interestingly enough, no one is 100% sure what the ‘G’ in G string stands for. However, professional linguists believe that this ambiguous ‘G’ stands for either ‘groin’ or ‘girdle’. Both terms would make sense in the context of G string panties and, either way, modern G string panties are referred to only as ‘G strings’—not as ‘girdle strings’ or ‘groin strings’—so determining the origin of the ‘G’ at this point might not matter much in the first place.

G String vs. Thong Panties

What’s the difference between G string panties and classic thong panties? The answer to this question is a little complicated because G string panties technicallyarethong panties. There are many different types of thong panties for women, and G string panties are included underneath the wide umbrella of panty styles that can be considered thong panties.

Although G string panties can be classified as thong panties, there are key differences between G string panties and the classic thong panty style that is probably the first to come to mind when you picture thong underwear. Classic thong panties offer pretty minimal coverage, but they offer more coverage than G string panties. While G string panties consist only of a narrow triangle of fabric in the front and two thin elastic strips that make up the waistband and crotch of the panties, classic thong panties feature wider strips of material around the waist and in the crotch area.

Types of G String Panties

There are more G string panty styles than you probably realize, and this collection is dedicated to G string panties of all styles.

In this collection, you’ll find many different types and styles of G string panties. Some of the most popular types of G string panties that are included within this collection are detailed below.

Lace G String Panties

Lace is one of the most popular materials for G string panties and sexy panties in general. Lace material automatically gives any panty style a flirty, feminine finish.

Many of the G string panty styles you’ll find in this collection are hand-crafted from delicate lace material. Some of the G string panties in this collection are crafted from floral patterned lace that adds an extra eye-catching, feminine finishing touch to these panty styles.

Nude G String Panties

Virtually all G string panties are designed to be ultra-discreet, but the nude G string panties you’ll find in this collection take discretion a step further.

This collection includes many G string panty styles that are available in multiple nude and neutral shades. These nude G string panties offer maximum discretion and eliminate the need to worry about visible panty lines showing up under even the tightest and lightest-colored clothes.

Plus Size G String Panties

G string panties don’t have a size limit. You can rock G string panties regardless of your size, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

In fact, G string panties are one of the most flattering panty styles for curvy and plus size women. They naturally enhance and accentuate your sexy curves without feeling restrictive or squeezing too tightly in any area.

Many of the G string panties in this collection are available in a wide range of plus sizes in order to fit and flatter virtually any figure.