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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Front Closure Bras

Front Closure Bras, Front Hook Bras

Front closure bras are underrated essential styles for every woman’s everyday underwear drawer and lingerie collection. The only main difference between front closure bras and classic back closure or pull over bras is that—unsurprisingly—front closure bras hook in front. Just this simple difference in fastening mechanism can have a surprisingly big influence on how comfortable and secure you feel on a daily basis.

This collection includes a wide selection of front closure bra styles, all of which are sourced from top designers on the lingerie market and crafted with support, comfort, and convenience in mind. From underwire front closure bras and wireless front closure bras to longline, racerback front closure bras and much more.

Benefits of Front Closure Bras

Why wear a front closure bra? What are the benefits of wearing a front closure bra over a back closure or pull over a bra? Front closure bras have many advantages that set them apart from both classic bras with hook-and-eye closures in the back and pull over sports bras or bralettes with no closure at all.


For many women, the band is the most uncomfortable part of a bra. It’s stiff and restrictive, and the traditional hook-and-eye back closure can cause pinching, itching, and other irritation. Front closure bras eliminate all of this discomfort from the daily experience of wearing a bra. The bands of the front closure bras you’ll find in this collection are stretchy, breathable, and—most importantly—hardware-free in the back.

In fact, these front closure bras are so effortlessly comfortable that many women— especially busty women who feel uncomfortable going braless at night—choose to wear them while they sleep. If you don’t want to sacrifice all support during the night but don’t want a stiff, uncomfortable bra disrupting your sleep all night long, try a front closure bra. Unlike traditional bras, front closure styles don’t have any hardware around the band to poke or pinch you during the night. Plus, they are breathable and don’t feel suffocating like a compression sports bra—which is another common nighttime bra option.


Front closure bras offer optimal, comfortable support for both women with smaller breasts and full-busted women. The top-quality construction, secure front closure, and additional support features of the front closure styles you’ll find in this collection allow even wireless front closure bras to offer the support and security larger-breasted women need on a daily basis.


One of the main advantages of front closure bras is how convenient they are. Front closure bra styles can be lifesavers for women with reduced mobility or low flexibility who find it difficult to put on and take off bras with standard hook-and-eye closures in the back. Trying to squeeze a tight pullover bra over your head and shoulders isn’t much easier.

However, even women whose mobility and flexibility are not limited can benefit from the convenience of front closure bras. No matter how flexible your arms are, the process of fastening a back closure bra is less than comfortable. The simple, intuitive fastening mechanism of the front closure bras in this collection saves you a surprising amount of time, effort, and frustration every morning and night when the time comes to put on or take off your bra for the day. Plus, the front closures of the bras you’ll find here lay flat against your chest to remain completely invisible under even the tightest tops.

Plus Size Front Closure Bras

Front closure bras are ideal for plus size women. They are easier to take on and off, especially for full-busted and plus size women, and they provide the comfort and support that large-breasted women need to feel secure on an everyday basis.

The plus size front closure bras in this collection are available in sizes up to 42 F and beyond.

Front Closure Sports Bras

If you’ve ever tried to peel a sports bra off your sweaty skin and wiggle out of it after an intense cardio session, you know how incompatible classic pullover sports bras are with damp skin and how frustrating and uncomfortable these bras can be to take off post-workout.

The front hook sports bra styles in this collection make that frustrating post-workout struggle a thing of the past. These bras clip in the front and remain secure throughout your entire workout without digging into or irritating your skin. When you’re done exercising and ready to shower, just unclip your bra in front to set your bust free—no peeling or wiggling required.

Wireless Front Closure Bras

The wireless front closure bras in this collection take comfortable support to a new level. Many of the front closure styles you’ll find here are completely wire-free, but they still offer a high level of support and security that ensures comfortable wear for smaller- breasted and full-busted women alike.

Lace Front Closure Bras

Front closure bras aren’t just practical. They can be sexy, too. This collection includes a wide selection of versatile lace front closure bras that are both flattering and functional.

Many of the front closure bras you’ll find in this collection are crafted from semi-sheer, all-over lace that gives these sexy bra styles an effortlessly feminine, flattering finish. Wear them as pretty everyday bralettes under low-cut tops, or add them to your at- home lingerie collection and show them off in the bedroom. Versatile, fashionable, functional, and flattering, the lace front closure bras in this collection are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe.

Front Closure Push Up Bras

If you’re in the market for sexy and flattering bra styles, the front closure push-up bras in this collection might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

These push up bras are made with supportive, comfortable molded push up cups that gently shape and lift your bust for a natural-looking, flattering finish. Their secure front closure and lined push up cups draw your breasts together to enhance your cleavage and flatter your chest even more than a classic back closure push up bra could.