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Babydoll Lingerie, Sheer Babydoll & Sexy Babydoll Lingerie

Sexy Babydoll Lingerie, Lace & Sheer Babydoll Lingerie

This collection is devoted to babydoll lingerie for the bedroom. These ultra-versatile babydoll styles are a timelessly trendy classic on the women’s lingerie market. They are simultaneously sexy and comfortable, alluring and semi-modest. Babydoll lingerie offers the perfect compromise between sexy style and comfort in the bedroom.

Browse through this collection to find a wide selection of top-quality, sexy babydoll lingerie as well as babydoll sleepwear and kimono lingerie designed for women of all shapes, sizes, and lingerie preferences.

What is Babydoll?

Babydolls are an extremely versatile type of lingerie that encompass a wide range of lingerie styles. They’ve been on the lingerie market for more than sixty years. In the early 1940s, babydoll lingerie was born when a female designer named Sylvia Pedlar began producing uncharacteristically short nighties for women in an attempt to save fabric during the widespread fabric shortages in the U.S. throughout World War II.

This aptly-titled lingerie style is named in reference to classic babydoll nighties’ resemblance to the loose-fitting dresses you might see a baby doll dressed up in on a toy store shelf. Of course, the similarity between babydoll lingerie and classic dresses worn byactualtoy baby dolls is only minor, and babydoll lingerie puts a sexy, adults-only twist on this classic style of dress. That being said, the effortlessly graceful, elegant, and classy style of these simultaneously modest and sexy pieces is a major part of what makes this type of lingerie so alluring.

Babydolls are universally flattering for virtually any figure. A classic babydoll clings snugly against your chest and ribcage to flatter your bust before letting out into a looser skirt with a relaxed fit that conceals any bulges or imperfections around your midsection. This unique design fits your figure tightly in all the right places to make your waistline look slimmer and your tummy looks flatter while accentuating the curves of your bust, backside, and thighs. A babydoll effortlessly creates the illusion of a natural hourglass figure regardless of your shape, size, or body type.

Babydoll lingerie can be made from a broad range of fabrics. Some babydoll styles are made from opaque cotton, polyester, or nylon-blend material, but are often crafted from sheer or semi-sheer lace or mesh fabric for added sexy, scandalous style. Babydoll tops are often adorned with strappy detailing or lace trim, and many are available in two-piece sets with matching G-string panties for added coverage.

It’s a common misconception that babydoll lingerie is overly modest and not as sexy as some of the more risqué lingerie styles on the market. While babydolls do offer a comfortable amount of coverage, they can still be sexy and even scandalous. Babydolls offer more coverage than most modern scandalous slutty lingeriestyles that are available for women on the current lingerie market, but they are still effortlessly flattering and sexy while leaving a little something to the imagination.

Babydoll vs. Chemise

Babydolls and chemises are both classic lingerie styles, and they’re very similar. Both babydolls and chemises are sleeveless nightgowns that can be worn as comfortable sleepwear and sexy lingerie in the bedroom. The similarities between babydolls and chemises can make lingerie shopping confusing for many women, especially because some lingerie retailers market these two types of lingerie interchangeably despite the fact that they are actually two separate styles. Despite the many similarities between these two types of lingerie, there are some key differences that differentiate babydolls from chemises and give them their own unique style.

The most notable difference between babydoll lingerie and chemise lingerie is that babydolls are usually shorter than chemises. As babydolls were first designed as short nightgowns to provide women with semi-modest sleepwear options while skimping on fabric, it makes sense that their hemlines are traditionally shorter than that of chemises. The hemlines of most classic babydolls don’t extend lower than the upper thighs, while chemises can be any length. Some chemises only brush the bottom of the hips, while other chemise styles extend past the ankles all the way down to the floor.

The fit of babydoll and chemises are slightly different as well. While one of the defining features of babydolls is their snug fit on top that loosens into a relaxed fit around your midsection and upper thighs, traditional sexy chemises fit your figure more closely from top to bottom. Most chemises don’t loosen closer to their bottom hemline as babydolls do and instead tend to conform to a snug fit around your midsection and legs— depending on the length of the chemise—as well.

Both babydolls and chemises are classy, elegant, and timelessly trendy styles that are worth adding to your lingerie collection. That being said, if you’re specifically interested in shopping for traditional short babydoll lingerie styles, this collection is the right place for you to be.

Sexy Babydolls

Sexy babydolls are the main focus of this babydoll lingerie collection. In this collection, you’ll find a broad range of ultra-sexy babydoll styles that are sourced from top-quality designers in the modern women’s lingerie industry.

Most of the sexy babydoll lingerie styles in this collection are made from semi-sheer or sheer lace or mesh material that shows off tantalizing glimpses of your bare skin. That being said, this collection also includes babydoll lingerie styles that are made from opaque silk, satin, or cotton material and offer slightly more coverage around your midsection for a more modest finish.

Most of the babydoll styles here are also adorned with detailing like scalloped lace trim, extra straps that accentuate your bust and cleavage, patterned embroidery, etc. that add sexy finishing touches to your lingerie look.

Babydoll Sleepwear

Sexy lingerie doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. One of the most frustrating problems with many classic sexy lingerie styles is that they are not designed to allow for comfortable sleep post-“activity” in the bedroom.

On the contrary, the babydoll nightwear available in this collection is designed with comfort and style in mind. This collection includes cotton babydoll sleepwear and babydoll pajamas that are soft, breathable, and comfortable.

The babydoll sleepwear styles you’ll find here are designed to keep you comfortable all night long, but these babydoll tops also effortlessly flatter your figure and are sexy enough to double as alluring lingerie in the bedroom.

The versatility of these babydolls makes them the ideal addition to any woman’s lingerie collection, especially for women who like to prioritize comfort and have trouble feeling confident in other ultra-scandalous lingerie styles that lack breathability and don’t offer enough comfort for overnight wear.

Babydoll Lingerie Sets

A babydoll can be a sexy lingerie outfit all by itself, but the two-piece babydoll lingerie sets available in this collection create ready-made lingerie looks with an automatic sexy, streamlined finish.

Due to the ultra-short hemline of classic babydolls, these lingerie styles are commonly worn with matching panties that add a little more stylish coverage to your lingerie look. The two-piece babydoll lingerie sets in this collection come with a matching babydoll top and G-string that complements and coordinates with the babydoll top to create a graceful, elegant and sexy babydoll outfit.

Plus Size Babydoll Lingerie

Babydolls look great on women of all shapes and sizes, but they are especially flattering for plus size women. The relaxed fit of babydoll lingerie offers flattering coverage while still hugging your curves for a sexy finish.

Many of the babydoll styles you’ll find in this collection are available in plus sizes. Sexy babydoll lingerie and babydoll nightgowns are especially flattering for plus size women because of their unique fit that minimizes your waistline, tummy, and hips and enhances the sexy curves of your backside, thighs, and bust.

In order to offer the support that full-busted women need, the plus size babydoll lingerie styles in this collection feature built-in soft cups that lift and support your bust for maximum security with or without a bra underneath. The plus size babydoll lingerie in this collection is available in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X.

Kimono Lingerie

In addition to classic sexy babydolls, this babydoll lingerie collection also includes a selection of kimono lingerie styles. Kimono lingerie includes sexy, stylish lingerie pieces that are inspired by the unique elegance of classic kimonos. These styles are gorgeous, classy, and make the perfect versatile additions to any woman’s lingerie collection.

Most of the kimono lingerie styles you’ll find in this collection are short, open-face lingerie robes that tie in front with a ribbon closure. They are crafted from semi-sheer lace or mesh for an alluring finish that shows off just the right amount of bare skin. Silk or satin lining, lace trim, and a ribbon add extra interest and sexy style to the kimono lingerie in this collection. Wear these kimono lingerie styles alone or with a bra and panty set or one-piece lingerie—depending on the amount of coverage you want.