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Swim Skirt

Swim Skirts

This collection is dedicated to swim skirts for women and includes a wide selection of individual swim skirts and skirted two-piece swimwear sets.

The swim skirts you’ll find in this collection combine classic, tasteful vintage-inspired style with a touch of modern flair to create trendy swimwear looks that offer enough coverage to keep you inside your comfort zone. Browse through these swim skirt styles to find new one-of-a-kind, flattering, styles to add to your swimwear collection just in time for summer.

What are Swim Skirts?

Swim skirts are just skirted swimwear bottoms. Some swim skirt styles are designed to be worn on their own, while others can be layered over standard bikini bottoms.

Most swim skirts offer a high waisted fit that covers your lower tummy and features a short, form-fitting skirt that offers coverage for your backside and upper thighs. Swim skirts have been, but their style has changed a lot over the decades. While they remain one of the more modest styles on the mainstream swimwear market, swim skirts offer less coverage now than they did decades ago.

Today, swim skirts on the modern women’s swimwear market are shorter and tighter. They are sexy, retro-inspired styles that offer a modest fit and are comfortable, practical, stylish, and flattering for virtually any figure.

Who Can Wear a Swim Skirt?

Interestingly enough, women of all ages tend to mistakenly believe that they are not within the right demographic to wear a swim skirt. Some older women worry that wearing a swim skirt will make them look like they’re “trying too hard”, while some younger women feel like swim skirts are outdated or unflattering.

In reality, neither of these perceptions is valid. Swim skirts are great for women of all ages. Swim skirts are in line with current top trends on the women’s swimwear market, so they are a viable option for younger trend-conscious who like to stick with in-style swimwear. Skirted swimwear also offers a very forgiving, somewhat modest fit, which helps many older women feel more comfortable and confident in skirted bottoms.

Basically, the bottom line is that anyone and everyone can wear a swim skirt—regardless of age and body type, shape, and size.

How to Style a Swim Skirt

Swim skirts are trendy yet somewhat unconventional—many women aren’t even completely sure of what a swim skirt really is. Because they are not very common in the world of women’s swimwear, swim skirts can be intimidating. Many women aren’t sure how to wear and style a swim skirt, so they avoid swim skirts altogether.

In reality, swim skirts are very easy to style. You can pair a swim skirt with virtually any swimwear top you would pair with standard bikini bottoms. Because swim skirts are high-waisted, they

How you style a swim skirt also depends on what type of swimwear look you hope to achieve. Some women like swim skirts because of their high-waisted fit that offers smoothing coverage for your lower midsection, backside, and upper thighs and want to keep the rest of their swimwear look fairly modest as well. In this case, try pairing a swim skirt with a tankini top that features a deep V neckline to create a streamlined swimwear look that is modest without covering upsomuch that it becomes unflattering.

However, other women appreciate the additional coverage swim skirts offer for your lower body but want to show off a little bit more skin on top to balance out that extra coverage. If this applies to you, pair your swim skirt with a more revealing bikini top. Just make sure that whichever bikini top style you choose has its own distinctive features and textures in order to balance out your swim skirt and prevent it from looking too bulky. A halter-neck bikini top is a great choice—plus, they’re retro-inspired, too.

Skirted Two-Piece Swimsuits

This collection includes both individual swim skirts and matching skirted two-piece swimsuits. These skirted two-piece swimsuits include a swim skirt and coordinating or matching bikini top.

You’ll find a variety of different bikini top styles paired with swim skirts within this collection’s expansive inventory of skirted two-piece swimsuits.

Short Swim Skirts

When it comes to wearing a swim skirt, short is the way to go. The ideal length for a swim skirt—and the length of the swim skirts that are sold in this collection—is for the bottom hem of the swim skirt to hit right below your backside.

These short swim skirts still provide plenty of coverage for your backside, but they don’t look frumpy or outdated—which is how longer swim skirts tend to come off.

Tight Swim Skirts

Swim skirts should not be flowy like a skirted swimwear cover-up. If your swim skirt moves and flows significantly when you walk, that’s a good sign that it is too loose.

The swim skirts in this collection are form-fitting. They follow the contours of your figure and fit snugly without feeling restrictive. The swim skirts you’ll find in this collection offer a balanced fit that flatters your figure without feeling too tight or too loose.

High Waisted Swim Skirts

High waisted bikini bottoms are one of the current hottest trends in women’s swimwear. High waisted bottoms offer naturally smoothing and slimming coverage for your lower midsection—including your hips, waist, and tummy—which helps these bottoms universally flatter virtually any and all body types, shapes, and sizes.

Most swim skirts offer a high waisted fit similar to that of classic high waisted bikini bottoms. Not all swim skirts are high waisted—there are some mid- and low rise swim skirts on the mainstream women’s swimwear market—but the vast majority of the swim skirt styles you’ll find in this collection rest around the upper middle of your waist to provide a flattering high waisted fit.