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Erotic Lingerie, Erotic underwear, Sexy Erotica Wear & Open Lingerie

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What is Erotic Lingerie?

If you are a woman who likes to wear lingerie and shops for it on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard the term ‘erotic lingerie’ before. Despite the prevalence of the term ‘erotic lingerie’, the exact definition of ‘erotic lingerie’ and what it is exactly that lingerie brands mean when they advertise lingerie as “erotic” can be a bit of a challenge to pin down.

The definition of the term ‘erotic’ is pretty simple. It basically refers to anything that arouses sexual desire or excitement. This definition can be confusing for many women, seeing as the primary purpose of any lingerie is to inspire sexual arousal. Does that mean that all lingerie counts as erotic lingerie? If so, why are only some lingerie styles labeled as “erotic”?

The answers to these questions are a bit complex, as erotic lingerie technically does not have an exact definition. However, most erotic lingerie is designed to go a step further than standard lingerie styles in terms of sex appeal or eroticism. Erotic lingerie usually refers to super scandalous, bold lingerie styles that offer very little in terms of coverage and show off quite a lot of bare skin.

If you prefer modest or even semi-modest lingerie, erotic lingerie is probably not for you—unless you’re interested in stepping out of your comfort zone to try some more adventurous styles. Most erotic lingerie styles are extremely skimpy and offer the absolute minimum when it comes to coverage.

Generally, if you see a lingerie piece from a certain brand labeled as “erotic”, that piece is probably among the lingerie styles which that brand considers to be the sexiest, most scandalous styles they have available. Adventurous, bold, daring, and scandalous are all words that can be used to describe erotic lingerie styles.

How to Shop for Erotic Lingerie

One of the most important rules of thumb for successfully shopping for erotic lingerie is to know what you want before you enter the store. Since the term ‘erotic lingerie’ is very ambiguous and subject to multiple interpretations, it’s a good idea to have specific styles in

mind before you embark on a shopping trip with the goal of adding some erotic lingerie to your collection.

If you’re not sure what you want but just know that you want something erotic, consider some of the trendiest, most popular erotic lingerie styles on the market. Crotchless panties—and virtually any crotchless lingerie style in general—sheer lingerie styles, and open cup bras are some of the most common, currently on-trend styles on the erotic lingerie market. Most of these bold, skimpy styles count as erotic lingerie even if they are not expressly labeled as such by the retailer or brand that sells them.

If you are intrigued by erotic lingerie and want to try it for yourself but aren’t sure where to start looking, check out the exclusively erotic lingerie styles on this collection

Why Wear Erotic Lingerie?

The purpose of all lingerie is to help you look and feel sexier, but erotic lingerie goes above and beyond in this department. Erotic lingerie is designed to drop jaws in the bedroom and spice up your sex lingerie life in ways that tamer lingerie styles never could.

This erotic lingerie collection is filled with the sexiest and most seductive lingerie styles on the market. From cage panties to peek-a-boo open cup bras, the styles in this collection are guaranteed to add extra fun and excitement to your life in the bedroom.

Erotic Lingerie Styles - Crotchless Lingerie

Crotchless lingerie pieces are some of the naughtiest erotic lingerie styles on the contemporary lingerie market. They are daring, ultra-sexy, and make a bold statement in the bedroom.

This collection includes multiple crotchless lingerie styles, including crotchless teddies and crotchless panties. Any of the sexy crotchless pieces available here can effortlessly add an extra dimension of scandalous, erotic style to your existing lingerie wardrobe.

Erotic Underwear & Panties

Erotic underwear comes in a wide range of styles, and this collection gives you an opportunity to try them all. Crotchless panties are one of the most obvious, popular erotic underwear styles and are definitely not in short supply among the styles in this collection.

You’ll also find multiple cage panty styles available here. The sexy strappy detailing and scandalous open-back design of cage panties draw attention to your backside and show off some skin in a sexy, stylish way. Whether they’re crotchless or cage or another style entirely, most of the panties in this collection are crafted from semi-sheer, detailed mesh or lace materials that reveal a peek of your bare skin and add an automatic scandalous finish to your lingerie.

Erotic Bras

Open cup bras are the best of both worlds when it comes to erotic lingerie. They support, lift, and flatter your breasts, but leave most or all of your bust on display for a sexy, scandalous finish.

The open cup shelf bras in this collection offer the lift and support you need—these ultra-revealing styles are even available in large band sizes up to 44 to accommodate fuller busts. The peek-a-boo open tip erotic bras and bralettes you’ll find here are still scandalous, but they are slightly more modest than full open cup bras. These flirty styles cover most of your breasts but feature small openings in the front that offer a teasing glimpse of your nipples underneath.