Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.

Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


High End Lingerie, Designer Luxury Lingerie Set, Quality Upscale Lingerie

High-End Lingerie, Designer & Luxury Lingerie

Many women long to wear top-quality high-end lingerie from renowned designers but feel guilty splurging on expensive new styles to add to their at-home lingerie collection. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money by buying affordable lingerie, but wanting to feel ultra-sexy in luxury lingerie is only natural. Never feel guilty for investing in your own confidence. If high end lingerie helps you feel beautiful, sexy and confident in your own skin, it’s definitely worth the extra dollars you might spend on it.

This collection is filled with high-quality luxury lingerie styles that are hand-picked from top designers for their high-end look and feel. The styles you’ll find here are designed by Giapenta, Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie, and other upscale lingerie brands that are renowned for the quality of their luxury lingerie. These pieces are available at a very fair price for their high quality. Plus, high-end lingerie is much more durable than cheaper pieces because of the high quality of its material, design, and construction. If you start investing in high end lingerie, you’ll likely end up saving money in the long run because you’ll be able to hold onto the same pieces in your collection for much longer.

It’s almost impossible tonotfeel sexy when you’re wearing luxury lingerie. Explore the high end styles in this collection and choose the pieces that will help you feel like the sexy, gorgeous woman you are. Always remember that you’re worth it.

High-End Bras and Panties

This collection includes a wide variety of bra and panty sets and individual bras and panties from top designers.

Flatter your figure in a pair of high waisted panties with intricate semi-sheer lace panels. Pair them with a scalloped lace plunge bra or a sexy semi-sheer triangle bralette. You can mix and match the styles in this collection, or choose matching pieces to create a streamlined set.

Luxury Babydolls

If you prefer flirty, feminine lingerie to bolder pieces, explore the luxury babydoll styles in this collection. These styles are designed to fit and flatter your figure in order to show off your shape without clinging too closely. They accentuate your curves but keep you in your comfort zone.

The babydolls you’ll find here are ultra-sexy but are comfy as well, which means you can wear them in the bedroom for a night of sexy fun or just to sleep peacefully all night long. Show off some skin in a semi-sheer mesh babydoll that offers coverage with a

scandalous twist. Or, keep it classic in an opaque babydoll with luxurious lace trim and overlay.

Sexy High End and Luxury Bodysuits

This collection includes several high end bodysuit styles. The bodysuit lingerie you’ll find here is designed to show off your sexy figure by hugging your curves just closely enough to accentuate your shape without feeling suffocating or restrictive.

Look classy and elegant in glamorous upscale lingerie, ultra-sexy sleeved bodysuit with a plunging neckline and semi-sheer lace sleeves. Or, show off some skin in a strappy bodysuit with semi-sheer mesh panels on the sides that add a sexy finish to this understated style.