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Since its founding in 2000, Spanx has risen to become one of the Best Shapewear for women and also most popular and well-respected brands for body-shaping clothing. Offering a wide selection of body-shaping products ranging from subtle pieces for everyday wear to collections of full-coverage compression shapewear, Spanx has something for everyone.
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Although garter belts became virtually obsolete in their role of holding up women’s everyday stockings by the 1960s, they cycled back into the forefront of fashion around the 1990s as lingerie. Late 20th-century garter belts were common in sexy, vintage-inspired burlesque fashion—which reached the height of its popularity near the end of the 20th century. Two decades into the 21st century, sexy garter belts, and garter sets are still commonly worn in modern women’s lingerie looks.

Leggings are an essential staple in almost every modern woman’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, versatile, practical, and ultra-trendy. If the only leggings you own are basic black leggings and athletic styles, however, it’s time to branch out.

While essential black leggings will always be a classic go-to for casual everyday wear, they aren’t the only type of leggings that are worth wearing. Expand your comfy wardrobe with these five practical and stylish types of leggings you won’t realize you needed until you add them to your collection.

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There are reasons that Victoria’s Secret empire attracts women all over the world. However, the brand has gotten so popular that many women don’t even consider buying lingerie from anywhere else. While Victoria’s Secret isn’t a wrong choice, countless other lingerie brands carry higher-quality pieces at more affordable prices on a broader range of sizes. Keep reading to learn more about ten of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret Bras and lingerie.

While Sheer Bikinis are not appropriate for every setting, the bikinis are extremely sexy and stylish and effortlessly flatter every body type, shape, and size. These ultra-scandalous bikinis are currently topping the swimwear trend charts and are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Classic sheer bikinis are naturally some of the sexiest bikinis on the market. Under the umbrella of sheer bikinis, however, there are multiple styles that can make your swimwear look even sexier and more scandalous.

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Slip shapewear offers you the best of both worlds. It combines the sculpting properties of shapewear with the smooth, sleek appearance of slips to create a hybrid undergarment that slims and shapes your figure under form-fitting skirts and dresses. 

Slip Shapers are designed to be worn underneath skirts and dresses to give your figure a smooth, flawless finish under even the tightest styles. Many women who are usually too intimidated or embarrassed to wear shapewear appreciate slip shapewear because it is generally more subtle than other shapewear styles. 

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When you think of women’s summer styles, tank tops are probably one of the first things that come to mind. Nothing beats the heat quite like a sleeveless top so as the weather gets warmer, tank tops naturally start lining the shelves in the women’s clothing section of boutiques and department stores alike

Tank tops are always in style for women during the summer, if only by necessity. However, styles are always changing and different tank top styles fall in and out of fashion each year. This guide details some of the tank top styles currently topping the trend charts

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There are as many types of plus size bras as there are standard size bras, if not more. While almost all bras advertised as ‘plus size’ focus primarily on providing extra support and security for large-busted women, the amount of support and level of comfort a plus size bra provides varies significantly depending on the type of bra you choose. The types of plus size bras described here include some of the most popular plus size styles, as well as the styles that many women find to be the most challenging to shop for successfully.
Among all types of bras, there are few less confusing than the semi-cup bra styles. These styles, which include shelf bras or cupless bras, open shelf bras, balconette bras, open cup bras, cut out bras, half bras, and quarter bras, all have slightly different designs and functions. Many people struggle to understand the unique function of each of these bra styles and the boundary lines between them, which can make shopping for a semi-cup bra extremely frustrating.

Just like every woman deserves an awesome best friend, every woman also needs to have an everyday bra that she can rely on to get her through the day without discomfort and with plenty of flattering support. 

So which bra should you choose to be your faithful bra that you can trust to wear under any outfit on any given day? Read on to discover several helpful tips and tricks for finding a bra for daily use that won’t let you down.

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Micro bikinis, or microkinis, are an extraordinarily scandalous and skimpy bikini style. They are usually designed to cover the absolute minimum amount of skin that allows the wearer to avoid illegal indecency. Most micro bikinis for females look like triangle string bikinis but with no fabric on the backside and much tinier triangles on top. Micro bikinis do not contain any cups, lining, padding, wiring, or anything more than thin single-layer fabric attached by strings.