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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


Bandeau Bikini Top & Strapless Bikini

What are Bandeau Bikini Tops?

The word ‘bandeau’ is a French word that actually translates to ‘strip’, which references how bandeau tops are virtually just strips of cloth that wrap around your bust. Bandeau bikini tops are strapless bikini tops that look similar to super short tube tops. While classic bandeau bikini tops have a one-piece design without separation between cups or added support features like underwire, some bandeau bikini tops do feature separated cups and underwire for added lift, support, and security.

Bandeau bikini tops are one of the current top trends in the world of women’s swimwear. Popular celebrities and style icons ranging from socialite and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner to singer-songwriter Katy Perry have been spotted sunning themselves or strolling the shoreline in bandeau swimsuits.

This collection is all about bandeau bikini tops. In this collection, you’ll find a wide selection of bandeau bikini tops in a broad range of colors, patterns, materials, styles, and sizes. Whether you’re curious about trying a bandeau bikini style this summer or are already a major bandeau fan, there’s something for everyone in this expansive collection of top-quality bandeau bikini tops that are sourced directly from the best designers on the women’s swimwear market.

Why Wear Bandeau Bikini Tops?

Women’s bandeau swimwear is timeless. The classic silhouette of bandeau swimwear is inspired by the vintage swimsuits of the 1950s, although bandeau bikini tops of today are designed with their own modernized style. There are many reasons why bandeau bikini tops have remained so popular for so long. For one thing, bandeau bikini tops are universally flattering. They balance out full busts and add sexy volume to smaller busts.

Plus, bandeau tops are ultra-versatile. Their design is simple enough that it pairs well with swimwear bottoms of virtually any style, but it’s unique and trendy enough to spice up your personal swimwear collection. You can easily mix and match a bandeau bikini top with a variety of bikini bottoms you already own to create your own trendy swimwear looks without worrying about clashing styles.

Another major advantage of bandeau bikini tops is that they are basically made for even, line-free tanning. There are few things more frustrating than laying out in the sun all day, hoping to bake your skin to a warm golden bronze, only to discover at the end of the day that your bathing suit top has left unflattering tan lines across your back and shoulders. Because most bandeau bikini tops are strapless, these tops will help you even out your tan and achieve the golden bronze finish of your dreams without worrying about those pesky tan lines.

Solid Bandeau Bikini Tops

This collection features a broad selection of bandeau bikini tops in a variety of solid colors, including black bandeau bikini tops, white bandeau bikini tops, red bandeau bikini tops, blue bandeau bikini tops, etc. etc.

This selection of bright, dark, and neutral solid-colored bikini tops makes it easy and convenient to mix and match the tops in this collection with virtually any solid or patterned bottoms of your choice.

Patterned Bandeau Bikini Tops

If you prefer patterns to solids, this collection has got you covered there as well with a wide selection of patterned bandeau bikini tops.

In this collection, you’ll find patterned bandeau bikini tops featuring patterns ranging from polka dots to floral designs and more. Most of the patterned tops in this collection are available with matching or coordinating bikini bottoms to help you effortlessly put together complete coordinating swimwear looks.

Push Up Bandeau Bikini Tops

One common misconception about bandeau bikini tops is that they can’t be push-up tops because they are traditionally strapless. However, the bikini tops in this collection prove that misconception wrong.

In this collection, you’ll find push up bandeau bikini top styles that are designed to lift your bustline and enhance your cleavage for a flattering, sexy, natural-looking finish. The push up bandeau bikini tops in this collection are designed to support and secure your bust while gently shaping and lifting to highlight and enhance your cleavage.

Bandeau Bikini Tops with Straps

Part of the nature of classic bandeau bikini tops is that they are strapless. That being said, many modern bandeau bikini tops do feature straps that offer more support, security, and lift.

Many of the bandeau bikinis you’ll find in this collection come with detachable straps that you can wear in multiple configurations or remove completely to get a classic strapless look that’s perfect for even, line-free tanning. These detachable straps offer the best of both worlds: remove the straps for tanning, and re-attach them when you want extra lift and support.

Plus Size Bandeau Bikini Tops

Plus size women are woefully underrepresented in the women’s swimwear market, to the point that it can be quite a challenge for many curvy, full-busted and plus size women to find any bikini tops that actually fit and flatter their figures. Many plus size women steer clear of that traditionally offer little in the way of support and security.

The bandeau bikini tops available in this collection are designed to fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. This collection features many bandeau bikini tops that are available in plus sizes and are designed specifically to support plus size and full-busted women. Many of these bandeau bikini tops are available in real bra sizes and feature padded or lined cups, underwire, adjustable straps, and other features to guarantee support and security for women of all bust sizes.