Bridal Shapewear

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Shapewear for Wedding Dress

As a bride, your wedding day is one of the most important—if not the most important—days of your life. It’s also a day when all eyes are on you, which means there is a lot of pressure to look your very best on your big day.

This collection is dedicated to bridal shapewear for women. The bridal shapewear styles you’ll find in this collection are designed specifically for your wedding day, wedding night, and honeymoon. These styles are all handpicked from top designers on the women’s lingerie and shapewear market. They will effortlessly shape your figure to ensure a smooth, streamlined finish without hiding your curves.

Even if you don’t wear shapewear on an everyday basis, you might consider wearing bridal shapewear underneath your wedding dress on your special day. Wearing bridal shapewear on your wedding day can help you feel more confident in your dress and look and feel more like the beautiful bride you are.

This collection includes many of the most popular types of bridal shapewear on the market, including low back and backless shapewear, full body shapers, shaping shorts, shaping panties, plus size shapewear, and much more. These bridal shapewear styles are specifically Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular types of bridal shapewear styles you’ll find in this collection.

Low Back and Backless Bridal Shapewear

While wedding dresses are traditionally fairly conservatives styles, wedding dress trends have become much more revealing over the past few decades. As such, low back and backless wedding dresses are currently topping the trend charts in the world of women’s bridalwear.

Contrary to popular misconception, if you have a revealing dress lined up to wear for your wedding, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off bridal shapewear underneath it. The low back and backless bridal shapewear styles you’ll find in this collection are ultra-discreet and are designed specifically to remain invisible under even the most revealing low back and backless wedding dress styles.

Full Body Bridal Shapewear

If you’re looking for more intense shaping for your wedding day, check out the full body bridal shapewear you’ll find in this collection.

This collection includes a selection of full body shapers that provide intense smoothing and shaping underneath your dress on your wedding day. These full body shapers are designed to provide high levels of smoothing and shaping but they are also designed to remain discreet underneath your wedding dress. Rather than just targeting one area of your, these full body bridal shapewear styles hone in on multiple areas of your body with their full-coverage designs to smooth and sculpt your midsection, backside, thighs, etc.

Most of the full body bridal shapewear you’ll find in this collection is designed with flat seams or a seamless construction along with a variety of other special features that help keep these full body shapers underneath your wedding dress when your big day finally arrives.

Bridal Bodysuit Shapewear

Bodysuit shapewear is one of the most versatile types of shapewear on the women’s lingerie and shapewear market. Bodysuit shapewear and other one-piece shapewear styles for women are stylish and discreet. They remain invisible underneath virtually any outfit—including most wedding dresses—and maintain a one-of-a-kind flattering style that helps them stand out as one of the trendiest shapewear styles on the market.

Offering full coverage for your midsection, bodysuit shapewear smoothes and sculpts your waist, hips, tummy, and love handles with amazing, ultra-discreet results. Bodysuit shapewear is ideal bridal shapewear because it remains discreet under most wedding dresses and is stylish and flattering enough to pull off as wedding-night shapewear as well once your dress comes off for your special night.

Bridal Shaping Shorts

Like bodysuit shapewear, shaping shorts are one of the most versatile types of shapewear on the market.

They target your backside, upper thighs, and lower midsection to sculpt your backside, slim your upper thighs, and smooth and shape your tummy, hips, and waistline. Plus, they effortlessly remain invisible under most wedding dresses.

Bridal Shaping Panties

Shaping panties are one of the sexiest and one of the most discreet types of shapewear on the market, which makes panty shapewear for women an ideal type of shapewear for wedding-day and wedding-night wear. Shaping panties are just high-waisted panties that feature an extra-wide waistband that sculpts your hips and slims your tummy and waistline.

The shaping panties you’ll find in this collection are available in sexy styles that double as bridal lingerie that you can wear to celebrate your wedding night or throughout your honeymoon. Many of these sexy panty shapewear styles are crafted with lace material that gives these discreet shaping panties a feminine, flirty finish but won’t disrupt their invisibility underneath your wedding dress.

White Bridal Shapewear

White is the traditional color of brides. Although many brides now choose to branch out away from classic white, white is still by far the most popular color for wedding dresses and wedding-night lingerie alike.

Many of the bridal shapewear styles you’ll find in this collection are available in white in order to fit in with traditional bridalwear. If you want to keep your wedding-day look classy and classic, choose one of the white bridal shapewear styles you’ll find in this collection.

Plus Size Bridal Shapewear

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the bridal shapewear styles you’ll find in this collection. This inclusive collection features a variety of plus-size bridal shapewear options for women of all body types, shapes, and sizes.

Most of the bridal shapewear styles that are available in standard sizes in this collection are also available in plus sizes. These plus size bridal shapewear styles are designed

specifically to fit and flatter the real figures of curvy, busty, and plus size women and are available in plus sizes 1X through 3X.