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Valentine's Day Lingerie Guide 2022

Valentine's Day Lingerie 

Sexy lingerie is in season all year long. There’s no time of the year when buying and wearing gorgeous lingerie won’t boost the confidence of the woman who wears it and create extra sexy fun for her and her partner. If there were an official lingerie season, though, it would be February. Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, sex, and romance. It is associated accordingly with romantic gifts like flowers, heartfelt cards, candy, fancy dinners, etc. given from one partner to another in an attempt to demonstrate their adoration and devotion to their loved one. Statistics don’t lie; the commercial greeting card and flower industries experience enormous surges in traffic and sales during the first half of February. Along with roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, lingerie is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. After all, what embodies love, sex, and romance better than special, beautiful lingerie that can be enjoyed by both partners in a relationship?

Whether you want to buy it for yourself to wear or as a gift for your partner to wear, shopping for Valentine’s Day lingerie can be an overwhelming challenge. There are endless Valentine’s Day- themed lingerie with countless styles and designs that range from hot to cute to delicate that hit the market every year around mid-January. Don’t let the overwhelming range of choices discourage you from taking advantage of sexy Valentine’s Day lingerie that will either wow your husband/boyfriend when you walk into the bedroom wearing it or delight your girlfriend/wife when she pulls it out of a gift box. Use this complete guide to Valentine’s Day lingerie online shopping to make the process of buying V-day lingerie gifts off the internet less overwhelming, more fun, and ultimately successful for both the giver and receiver.

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Guide to Valentine's Day Lingerie Online Shopping

Valentine’s Day Loungewear

Valentine’s Day loungewear is just sexy pajama setswith a V-Day-themed twist. It is exceptionally versatile and refers to a wide range of styles. Loungewear is a V-Day gift that is less risky to give as a present than lingerie—which not all women enjoy receiving—but virtually just as endearing. However, this doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day loungewear can’t be sexy; there are plenty of more scandalous loungewear options that show off some skin.

Another benefit of Valentine's Day loungewear is that it can be much more practical than lingerie. While you or your partner might wear a Valentine’s Day lingerie set once or twice during the season and then never again, loungewear can be worn every night no matter what season it is. Plus, loungewear is much more comfortable to sleep in than most lingerie styles that you have to take off before actually going to bed. Unlike most Valentine’s Day intimates, V-Day loungewear can also be worn by both men and women, which makes it a cute and thoughtful gift for your partner no matter what gender they are. If you really want to go all out, you can even purchase matching loungewear set for you and your partner to wear.

Valentine’s Day
 Panty and Bra set

Valentine’s Day Panty and Bra set

Panty & Bra sets are a classic, simple, and practical lingerie style. They’re very versatile and range from a full-coverage delicate bralette and lace panties to a strappy black leather bra with revealing cutouts and matching crotchless panties. Bra panty sets are a unique combination of sexy and practical. Most of these sets are wearable outside of the bedroom, so you can get used out of them on an everyday basis after your sexy Valentine’s Day night is over.

It is a large misconception that bra panty sets are more boring than other lingerie styles. The reality is quite the opposite; bra sets can be very sexy and playful. Unlike most other lingerie styles, you can wear these sets underneath everyday clothes. There’s no hotter way to end your Valentine’s Day than enjoying a romantic date and then surprising your partner when you get home with the sexy bra and panty sets you’ve been wearing under your outfit.

Valentine’s Day briefs

Women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Valentine’s Day-themed underwear. There are countless options for men’s Valentine’s Day briefs available online. These briefs aren’t necessarily sexier than other men’s underwear; they have the same design as any other basic pair of brief panties. However, they are imprinted with Valentine’s Day-themed patterns, like hearts, Cupid’s bows, and other classic V-Day symbols.

Valentine’s Day briefs make a fun and quirky gift if you’re looking for something unique to give your boyfriend or husband. They can also be fun to buy for yourself to wear if you’re a man who enjoys wearing patterned briefs. V-Day briefs are fun, festive, and a great way to get both you and your partner in the spirit of the holiday. After all, it’s hard not to feel inclined toward the holiday of love when you’re wearing or looking at a pair of briefs covered in tiny printed pink hearts with wings.

Funny Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Funny Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie

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Funny lingerie might sound like an oxymoron; isn’t lingerie supposed to be hot, not laughable? Surprisingly enough, though, holiday lingerie—including Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day-themed pieces—are frequently a little bit of both. Funny lingerie includes somewhat outrageous, festive pieces. A bra with cups shaped like giant red hearts or a complete Cupid costume is good examples. These lingerie styles are definitely outside the box, but they’re popular because they’re unique and get both partners feeling festive. Plus, they’re special, which is often what you’re looking for in lingerie that you buy specifically for an occasion like a holiday.

It’s best only to buy funny Valentine's Day lingerie if you’re buying it for yourself to wear. The chances are excellent that your boyfriend or husband will find you incredibly sexy no matter how silly or over-the-top festive your lingerie is. In fact, he’s likely to see your exciting choice even more endearing than more standard styles. However, buying funny Valentine's Day lingerie as a gift for your girlfriend or wife is a much more substantial risk. Not all women are interested in dressing up like a scandalous Cupid, and even fewer women feel inclined to do such a costume when it wasn’t their idea in the first place. Buying funny lingerie as a gift for someone else often ends up creating an awkward situation for both partners involved. Funny lingerie can be sexy, but these styles are better received when they’re introduced to the person who will be wearing them.

Erotic Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Erotic Valentine's Day Lingerie

Erotic lingerie is edgy, bold lingerie that is often reminiscent of styles seen in Fifty Shades of Grey. It can be difficult to connect erotic lingerie styles with Valentine’s Day; this holiday is often associated with cute, pretty styles and dramatic, erotic pieces sometimes don’t seem to fit the vibe. However, erotic lingerie can be one of the best types of lingerie for Valentine’s Day wear. The juxtaposition between the flirty, pretty vibe of Valentine’s Day and the edgy, daring style of erotic lingerie pieces creates a jaw-dropping finish that is incredibly sexy. To achieve this effect, make sure the erotic lingerie you choose is obviously Valentine’s Day-themed. Look for red leather pieces, crotchless panties with heart-shaped cutouts, strappy pink bra sets, and any other styles that have a bit of dramatic flair. Any Valentine’s Day lingerie pieces that look scandalous and racy rather than delicate and modest are usually great picks for erotic Valentine's Day lingerie.

Especially if erotic lingerie is not the type of lingerie you normally wear, these styles are sure to be a big hit with your boyfriend or husband when you walk into the bedroom wearing something much more scandalous than usual. If you’re not buying Valentine’s Day lingerie for yourself, however, err on the side of caution when it comes to erotic lingerie. Like funny lingerie, erotic lingerie is a style you should be careful with if you’re buying it for your partner to wear. Unless your partner has a clear history of wearing bold, erotic lingerie styles of her own accord when it isn’t Valentine’s season, it’s a better idea to stick to less dramatic pieces as gifts. That way, you won’t run the risk of giving your partner something that will make her feel uncomfortable instead of confident.

Feminine Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Feminine Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Feminine lingerie is one of the most popular types of Valentine’s Day lingerie. This lingerie includes the styles that come to mind first for most people when they think about Valentine’s Day lingerie. Feminine V-Day lingerie refers to the classic lacy pink and red styles that lingerie brands start releasing near the beginning of February. Any lingerie style can be feminine, but bralette sets, chemises, babydolls, and teddies are popular styles for this type of lingerie. Of course, lingerie that is more erotic or entertaining can be feminine too, but delicate and intricate styles are usually regarded as more classically flirty and girly. If you’re looking for traditional, elegant lingerie that is still extremely sexy for the holiday of love, feminine Valentine’s Day lingerie is a great choice.

If you are shopping for lingerie for your partner and are unsure what lingerie styles she prefers, buying feminine lingerie is probably a better bet than trying to pick out bolder, erotic pieces. Feminine lingerie styles are usually fairly simple, delicate, and classy. Buying these pieces for your partner is less risky because their tastefulness and simplicity make them more universally appealing to most women than daring, scandalous styles.

Valentine’s Day Plus Size Lingerie

Valentine's Day Lingerie

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Plus size lingerie is challenging to shop for no matter what season it is. It is often very difficult to find plus size lingerie options that are designed specifically for plus size women and are not just mimicries of lingerie for slimmer women made in a larger size. Plus size women also generally have much fewer options for lingerie than women who fit into standard sizes. Well-fitting, flattering plus size Valentine’s Day-themed lingerie is often even more difficult to find.

If you are buying plus size Valentine’s Day lingerie for yourself, make sure that you buy a reputable brand. Check the websites of lingerie brands you already know you like to see if they have a special Valentine’s Day collection. If you end up having to buy from an unfamiliar website, only buy from an online store that includes multiple positive and negative customer reviews from real plus size women.

If you want to buy your girlfriend or wife plus size lingerie for Valentine’s Day, you need to be aware of the challenges that accompany shopping for plus size lingerie. Finding flattering lingerie that fits real plus size bodies well is a difficult feat that your partner probably already knows all too well. You can have a better chance of choosing plus size lingerie that will flatter your partner’s body and make her feel good about herself if you consider a few things before making a purchase. If at all possible, buy V-Day lingerie from a brand where your girlfriend or wife successfully finds her other lingerie pieces. Even if that brand does not offer a specific Valentine’s Day collection, look around to see if it carries any red or pink pieces or sets that would work well as V-Day lingerie.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie for Yourself

Valentine’s Day Lingerie for Yourself

Online shopping for Valentine’s Day for yourself can be a daunting task. Before you start the shopping process, know your measurements so you can shop for pieces that will actually fit you well. Also, check to see if the website you want to buy from allows for returns; many online shops don’t accept returns on holiday pieces, so try to find one that does or at least be fully certain of your purchase before you buy it. Also, don’t get swept up in the novelty of Valentine’s Day lingerie. Before you make a purchase, think about whether or not you’re actually going to feel comfortable wearing crotchless panties or a teddy made entirely from a transparent red mesh material. It can be fun to step out of your comfort zone a little bit, but make sure you choose styles you will actually want to wear once they arrive.

Your first consideration when buying Valentine’s Day lingerie should always be how sexy and confident you feel in it. One of the most enjoyable things about lingerie for both you and your partner is how it can increase your sexual confidence and make you more enthusiastic in the bedroom. Even if you’re buying V-Day lingerie for the sole purpose of wowing your partner, always put your own preferences first. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider your partner’s preferences at all. Don’t be afraid to ask him for his opinion on what lingerie styles he finds sexiest. Take his opinions into account while you shop to find pieces that both of you will love.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Gifts for Your Partner

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Gifts for Your Partner

Buying any gift for your girlfriend or wife is stressful. You always want to pick something out for her that she will truly love or find useful, but actually accomplishing that goal is often much easier said than done. Because lingerie is such a personal item, buying Valentine’s Day lingerie as a gift for your partner is more stressful than choosing most other types of gifts.

When you’re looking for lingerie, remember that you’re buying it as a gift for your partner and how much she likes it matters more than how much you like it. If the lingerie you buy for your partner does not make her feel confident and sexy when she is wearing it, neither of you are going to enjoy it. How sexy you think a lingerie piece or set does not always equal how much your partner will like it. Try to hold your own preferences at bay and focus more on finding lingerie that you are sure your girlfriend or wife will love. That doesn’t mean you have to buy lingerie that you don’t like; just make sure you’re putting your partner’s preferences above your own.

If you don’t already have a strong idea of what kind of lingerie your partner loves, err on the side of caution. Don’t take any wild guesses about what her favorite styles might be. Instead, think about what lingerie items your partner already owns and frequently wears. If she primarily wears babydoll lingerie, try to find a V-Day-themed babydoll as a gift. If bra sets comprise the majority of her lingerie drawer, set your sights on a lacy red or pink set. If nothing else, your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness and attentiveness to her preferences.