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Sexy Lingerie, Sexiest Lingerie, Hot & Erotic Women's Lingerie Sets

Lydie Open Cup Teddy ¥371.00 CNY ¥431.00 CNY
Francesca Peek-A-Boo Sheer Babydoll ¥297.00 CNY ¥312.00 CNY
Sydney Bra Set ¥260.00 CNY ¥297.00 CNY

Sexy Lingerie, Sexiest Lingerie, Hot Lingerie, & Super Sexy Women's Lingerie

All of the lingerie you’ll find on this site are ultra-sexy, so what sets the pieces in this collection apart from the rest of the sexy lingerie at HauteFlair? All of the styles in this collection are carefully hand-picked for their diverse sexy style and their alignment with the current hottest and sexiest trends in women’s lingerie and fashion. Some of the styles you’ll find here are exclusive to this sexy lingerie collection, while other classy lingerie styles featured here are also a part of other HauteFlair collections. All in all, this collection is designed to inspire you to look and feel like your best, sexiest self in the bedroom. It is the perfect source for any woman who is feeling disillusioned with her current lingerie collection but isn’t sure how to step up her sexiest lingerie looks. Like all lingerie here at HauteFlair, all of the styles you’ll find in this sexy lingerie collection are sourced from top designers in women’s lingerie and are chosen for their top-quality materials and design.

Every woman has her own personal lingerie style preferences, and this diversity in lingerie preferences is something this sexy lingerie collection aims to reflect in its diverse selection of styles. Some of the lingerie for women you’ll find in this collection is ultra-bold, daring, and scandalous hot erotic lingerie, while other styles are more modest and classy with flirty, feminine style. Regardless of your comfort level and personal lingerie preferences, there are styles in this sexy lingerie collection that you’ll love. This sexy lingerie collection includes a wide selection of diverse lingerie styles ranging from sexy lace lingerie to bodysuit lingerie to sexy bra and panty sets to bridal lingerie and much more. This collection’s inventory is updated regularly to stay in line with ever-changing trends and to provide new style inspiration for long-time customers, so keep checking back any time you’re in the mood for a new style to boost your confidence in the bedroom.

The diverse selection of hot lingerie you’ll find here will introduce you to sexy, trendy classy lingerie styles you might never have considered before. Shop here to stock up on new versions of your long-time favorite styles, or browse here to explore brand-new styles if you’re getting bored with your current collection. The versatility of this inclusive collection makes it possible to do all of the above. If you’re in the market for the trendiest, sexiest lingerie styles on the market, look no further than this sexy lingerie collection.

Sexy Lingerie Sets

This collection includes both individual sexy intimates styles and sexy lingerie sets that include two to three styles to complete your lingerie look. The styles in each of these sets are designed to create a complete sexy lingerie look without the need for any additional pieces or accessories.

If you’re in the market for a sexy, high-quality, low-maintenance lingerie for a special occasion or just to add excitement to your everyday lingerie collection, browse for your new favorite sexy lingerie look in the selection of sexy lingerie sets in this collection. The sexy lingerie sets in this collection range from sexy bra and panty set to corset lingerie setsto garter belt sets and more. The sexy bra and panty set you’ll find here include styles ranging from a simple and flattering black lace bra and thong panties set to a more scandalous and attention-grabbing halter bralette with strappy cage panties set.

Sexy Babydoll and Chemise Lingerie

Despite their negative connotations as being overly modest or frumpy, babydoll and chemise lingerie is currently among the top trendiest lingerie styles on the lingerie market for women of all ages.

Sexy babydoll lingerie is actually surprisingly versatile. With their semi-relaxed fit and high level of coverage, classic babydolls and chemises can certainly be modest—and there’s nothing wrong with that. Modest can be sexy, too. The babydoll and chemise lingerie in this collection ranges from classy, elegant satin and mesh babydolls to bold, open-front babydoll-style robes that you can choose to pair with other styles or wear on their own for a more scandalous look.

Sexy Teddy Lingerie

This collection includes several sexy bodysuit lingerie styles. The sexy teddy lingeriein this collection clings to your figure to accentuate your sexy curves in all the right places.

Show off your bust and flaunt your feminine style in a hot pink satin teddy with a plunging neckline and flirty lace and bow detailing. Be bold in a skimpy teddy with a made from all-over bright red semi-sheer lace, or get outright scandalous in an ultra- revealing leopard-print teddy with a crotchless thong cut. This collection also includes babydoll and chemise lingerie sets that include matching and coordinating sexy underwear,  G-string panties for added coverage that also completes your lingerie look and gives it a streamlined finish.

Sexy Bridal Lingerie

If you’re a blushing bride-to-be in search of the perfect lingerie styles to flaunt your figure on your wedding night, look no further than this extremely sexy lingerie collection. When your wedding night is quickly approaching, there is a lot of pressure on you as the bride to find the perfect sexy lingerie look that will wow your new life partner on your first night together as a married couple.

The sanctity is based on old-fashioned traditions leftover from a much different time in history, but many newlywed couples still regard their time in the bedroom on their wedding night as special and many brides want to wear extra-special lingerie to celebrate this special night. This sexy lingerie collection includes multiple bridal lingeriestyles including sexy bridal bras that are designed to be worn on your wedding night.

These styles blend together elements of classic bridal lingerie with more up-to-date elements that are in line with current trends in order to offer inspiration to any modern bride to be still searching for that perfect lingerie to wear for her upcoming wedding night.

Of course, there’s no rule that says white lingerie has to be reserved for your wedding night. If you’re looking to add classy, sexy white lingerie styles to your collection for any occasion—even just for everyday wear—check out the sexy bridal lingerie choices in this collection. The bridal lingerie you’ll find here ranges from flirty and elegant styles to daring and scandalous, sexy revealing lingerie. Go classic with a short, babydoll-style robe made from all-over semi-sheer white lace with satin trim. Or, make a bold statement on your wedding night in a frilly lace-up teddy made from sheer eyelash lace and sheer white mesh with a plunging neckline and matching white garter straps and ruffly leg garters.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

This sexy lingerie collection includes a selection of sexy women’s lingerie that is diverse in both style and size. HauteFlair strives to offer inclusive classy lingerie options that are designed to fit and flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes without discriminating against or favoring any specific range of sizes. Through this inclusivity, HauteFlair hopes to be able to help any woman look and feel like her sexiest self, regardless of her size.

In addition to lingerie in standard women’s sizes, this sexy lingerie collection includes many risque lingerie, adult lingerie, skimpy lingerie, sexy plus-size lingeriestyle options. These styles are available in plus sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X in order to fit and flatter the figures of real plus size, curvy, and busty women.

Sexy Shapewear

You might not think shapewear can be sexy, but this collection will prove you wrong. Several of the sexy lingerie styles you’ll find here in this collection double as shapewear pieces that gently and discreetly smooth and sculpt your figure to boost your body confidence in the bedroom without trying to hide your sexy curves.

Several of the corset tops in this collection double as waist cinchers that gently slim inches off your waistline and smooth your midsection without revealing their hidden shaping properties. Also, many of the high-waisted sexy panties available in this collection discreetly slim and sculpt your tummy, waist, and hips for a smoother finish.

Holiday Sexy Lingerie

If you’re shopping for sexy lingerie for a special occasion, you can find it within the diverse selection of women’s lingerie styles in this sexy lingerie collection.

Any of the ultra-sexy, trendy styles in this collection are suitable to wow your partner in celebration of a special occasion like a birthday or a job promotion. However, this collection also includes special sexy holiday lingerie for the holiday season, V-Day, etc.

Valentine’s Day Sexy Lingerie Gift

The majority of the sexy holiday lingerie styles in this collection are designed for Valentine’s Day, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering that V-Day is traditionally the holiday of sex, love, and romance. Surprising your partner with Valentine’s Day lingerie gift is the perfect way to celebrate the sexiest holiday of the year together.

The Valentine’s Day lingerie styles in this collection range from subtle styles like teddy lingerie made from all-over semi-sheer red lace to more in-your-face options like a white and red sheer mesh bra and panty set that features bright red heart patches over the nipples and crotch. Red isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, either. Red lingerie is sexy at any time of the year, and many of the more subtle V-Day lingerie styles in this collection can easily be worn as everyday lingerie year-round.

Sexy Lingerie Accessories

No naughty & erotic lingerie look is really complete without at least one accessory. This collection includes a variety of skimpy & hot sexy lingerie accessories.

The sexy lingerie accessories available here include garter belts, harnesses, thigh highs, etc., and are available primarily as part of the sexy lingerie sets in this collection.