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Get up to 50% off your purchase with code HF20 at checkout.


HauteFlair Reviews | Best Lingerie Store online Review

Review of HauteFlairOnline Store for Lingerie Shopping

As technology becomes increasingly essential to everyday life in the modern world, online shopping continues to revolutionize consumer activity. Almost everyone who owns a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone has taken advantage of the full world of online shopping at some point or another. Most people online shop on a regular basis; many even prefer shopping on the internet to buying from brick-and-mortar stores.

There are countless places online where you can purchase lingerie, ranging from bra collections on department store websites to online stores explicitly designed to sell lingerie. If you’re going to buy lingerie on the internet, it’s a good idea to shop in a reputable online store that focuses primarily on selling quality lingerie for the best lingerie shopping experience. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to determine which online lingerie stores you can trust to provide you with high-quality pieces and excellent customer service.

Best online lingerie store

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie Collection

HauteFlair is one of the best places to buy lingerie online. They are an emerging top luxury lingerie brand that is based in New York City but operates exclusively through an online store. This brand offers a wide range of luxury lingerie and undergarments—including bra sets, shapewear, chemises, bodysuits, sleepwear, and even swimwear—of the highest quality to help customers find everything they need to fulfill their lingerie desires in one place. HauteFlair employs talented individuals from many regions throughout the USA and Europe and prides themselves on the attentiveness and dedication of their customer service and the quality of the lingerie they sell.

Guaranteed Quality

The internet can be a scary place to shop for many reasons, one of which being that it is challenging to judge the quality of items when you can’t see and feel them for yourself in a physical store. Unfortunately, it is easy and common for shady online outlets to falsify them to scam potential customers into thinking they’re getting the best items. Most online shoppers resign themselves to the reality that buying products sight unseen from the internet is a risk and cross their fingers that they won’t get an unpleasant surprise when their package arrives on their doorstep.

HauteFlair aims to relieve customers of any worries they might have about the quality of the lingerie the brand sells before they make their purchase. By selling lingerie exclusively sourced from reputable designers—including Addiction Lingerie, Cosabella, Panache Lingerie, and others—that are widely renowned for the high quality of the pieces they produce, HauteFlair allows their customers to shop for lingerie in peace without doubting the quality of the items they will eventually receive. The brand is an ideal source for quality luxury lingerie.

Lingerie Collections

Best Online Lingerie Store - Lingerie Collection


 Bridal Lingerie  

Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie Shop, Luxury Bridal Lingerie 

Many soon-to-be brides spend a lot of time searching for the perfect lingerie to wear on their wedding day to be special. Bridal lingerie comprises a large section of the lingerie market. Most women want the lingerie they wear under their wedding dress and show off to their new spouse on their wedding night.

HauteFlair’s bridal lingerie inventory includes both traditional styles as well as more modern, scandalous pieces and sets. No matter what your wedding dress looks like or what kind of bridal lingerie style you prefer, you can easily find what you’re looking for among the pieces in HauteFlair’s expansive bridal collection.


 Plus Size Lingerie  

Best Online Lingerie Store, best lingerie online, Plus Size Lingerie

 Plus Size Lingerie, Luxury plus size intimates

Many clothing brands, especially those that focus primarily on lingerie sales, often don’t target many of their pieces to plus size women. In fact, there is a severe lack of quality and sexy lingerie pieces available in extended sizes.

Unlike other brands, HauteFlair offers just as many quality lingerie options to their plus size customers as they do to customers who wear standard. The brand devotes an entire category of their store to plus size lingerie. This group includes several different subsections that sell plus size swimwear, shapewear for plus size, holiday lingerie, plus size bras, and more. If you’re plus-sized women who are tired of being disappointed by the absence of high-quality plus size undergarment options in many online stores, you’ll be encouraged by HauteFlair’s comprehensive plus size intimates selection.


 Sexy Lingerie 

Sexy Lingerie-best place to buy lingerie online

Best Online Lingerie - Sexy Lingerie Shop

HauteFlair’s website features a special section called the “Sexy Lingerie Shop.” All of the pieces HauteFlair sells are sexy, but the lingerie housed within the hot collections go above and beyond with intricate constructions, bold designs, and scandalous styles.

The sexy shop includes several different lingerie styles, including teddies, crotchless panties, bra and panty sets, holiday lingerie, and more. Not all of the pieces are incredibly revealing; this collection features many pieces that offer full coverage. True to its name, the sexy collection just includes the most erotic lingerie in the online store’s inventory.


Holiday Lingerie 

Many women enjoy surprising their partner with special holiday-themed lingerie and many boyfriends, and husbands like to show their affection for the woman they love by giving her the gift of lingerie for Valentine’s Day or during the holiday season.

HauteFlair offers an extensive holiday lingerie collectionthat includes specially themed lingerie designed to be worn during the holiday season and for Valentine’s Day. This collection consists of a wide variety of styles ranging from delicate red lace panties to a full sexy Santa costume. The brand also has two separate holiday collections for Christmas and Valentine’s Day that are crafted for plus size women and feature many themed lingerie styles in extended sizes.



Online Lingerie Shopping - Squeem 'Sexy Body' Firm Control High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper Short

Shapewear Shopping - Squeem 'Sexy Body' Firm Control High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper Short 

There is a very high demand for shapewear on the current market. Quality shapewear pieces comfortably and gently smooth and shape your curves to enhance your figure without feeling constricting or suffocating.

Along with their many lingerie collections, HauteFlair offers a full shapewear collection that is very extensive. It includes multiple pieces that target different areas of your body. The brand carries shapewear ranging from whole body pieces and waist trainers to lighter leggings and bodysuits.



Sexy Luxury Swimwear and Designer Swimsuits Shop

Sexy Luxury Swimwear and Designer Swimsuits Shopping

HauteFlair is a one-stop shop for all intimate apparel. Beyond their inventories of sexy lingerie and shapewear, the brand also sells affordable designer swimwear

Their online store includes multiple swimwear styles, such as tankinis, individual bikini tops and bottoms, one-pieces, and more. These styles come primarily from Panache and Heidi Klum, two top lingerie and swimwear brands from which HauteFlair sources many of their quality pieces. HauteFlair also offers a separate collection of plus size swimwear explicitly designed to flatter the figures of women who wear extended sizes.


Bras and Panties

lingerie and bra shop

Sexiest Lingerie, Bra and Panty shopping

Bras and panties are one of the most popular types of lingerie. Unlike many other lingerie styles, these pieces are necessary and practical for everyday use. HauteFlair carries an extensive inventory of bras and panties that includes a broad range of styles and designs.

They offer several bra categories, including sports bras, minimizer bras, bralettes, push up bras, nursing, and maternity bras, and many more. The brand’s panty options include thongs, nude panties, crotchless panties, seamless panties, briefs, boy shorts, and several other styles. Each bra and panties category is stocked with multiple different pieces to provide customers with plenty of options.

Luxury Lingerie and Designer Intimates at Affordable Prices

Best Luxury Lingerie Store

Finding quality lingerie that is also affordable might seem virtually impossible to most seasoned shoppers. The exorbitant cost of many high-quality lingerie pieces is especially frustrating because, unlike other clothes and accessories, quality lingerie is not something you can discretely replace with knock-off items. The difference between cheaply-made and well-crafted lingerie tends to be painfully obvious even at first glance. However, you don’t necessarily have to choose between preserving your paycheck and buying top-quality lingerie. There’s no need to sacrifice either one.

Since all of the lingerie HauteFlair offers comes from leading luxury lingerie designers, every piece and set they sell is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Despite the intricate design and quality construction of each piece, buying lingerie from HauteFlair does not drain your wallet. The brand sells their items at very affordable prices from the start. On top of their inexpensive prices, HauteFlair also offers regular sales and discounts on the items they offer. Their website features a full sale collection that includes a revolving inventory of discounted pieces. The brand also regularly runs promotions, such as the fifteen percent discount they offer new customers who sign up for their email service, which slash the prices of their items. Shopping at HauteFlair allows you to buy the luxury lingerie pieces you want while staying within the limits of your budget.

Easy and Effective Lingerie Website Design for Lingerie Shopping

Despite how important technology is in the modern world, many websites still have a complicated interface that is difficult to navigate. It is almost impossible for online shoppers to find what they’re looking for in an online store when they can’t figure out how to use its website. Most people don’t have all day websites that are difficult to navigate and have complicated, non- functional designs make it very difficult for online shoppers to find the pieces they want in a reasonable amount of time; they also significantly decrease the quality of the online shopping experience, which should be fun.

HauteFlair’s website is straightforward and functional and is free of random, cluttered colors and pictures. Its homepage is well-organized and contains many prompts that quickly and easily direct you to the section of the online store you want to visit. At the top of the homepage, there is a transparent menu bar that lays out all of the different inventory categories and drop-down menus that list sub-categories for each central section. This bar saves shoppers time and helps them efficiently navigate to the exact section of items they’re looking for within seconds. Labeled company and customer care information and policies are available at the bottom of each page, and a link to HauteFlair’s blog is easily accessible from every page of the website as well.

Effective online shopping apparently doesn’t allow shoppers to view products in person; online shoppers depend on the website’s descriptions and images of an item to decide whether or not to buy it. Therefore, there are few things more frustrating than online stores that don’t tell you enough information about each item for you to make a successful, informed purchase. HauteFlair accompanies every piece they sell with detailed descriptions of materials, sizing, functionality, etc. Each piece also has multiple differently-angled pictures attached to it so shoppers can see what they’ll be getting if the order an item.

Additional Lingerie Advice

The process of choosing and buying lingerie online can be an overwhelming challenge. It’s difficult to know how to measure yourself accurately for different types of lingerie, determine what lingerie style best flatters your body type, which pieces you should buy for any given occasion, how you should use shapewear, etc. The questions go on and on and trying to answer them by yourself is a daunting and confusing task.

HauteFlair isn’t just an online store. The brand also runs a lingerie blog that features regular posts designed to help women (and their partners) purchase any lingerie for every occasion. These blogs posts are simple, comprehensive, and to the point. Many of the posts are shopping guides—like this guide to plus size compression shapewear—that narrow in on the current top pieces on the market within a specific lingerie style category to give you somewhere to start if you’re interested in buying a particular type of lingerie.

Other posts don’t mention specific products and instead offer general lingerie and online shopping-related tips and tricks on topics ranging from how to accurately measure your bra size to how to choose nightgown lingerie to how to buy crotchless panties. HauteFlair’s blog also features an expert roundup in which fifty lingerie professionals offer their expert advice on how to shop for lingerie online with the best results. Their advice covers how to measure yourself for well-fitting lingerie, how to find quality lingerie in styles you love, and the importance of returns and customer reviews. HauteFlair’s blog is updated consistently with new guides and tips based on the current season and trends among different lingerie styles.

Shipping and Returns

The shipping and return policies of online stores are always important to consider; no online shopper wants to end up stuck with an item they bought off the internet that doesn’t look/fit/ function as expected. Since lingerie is very personal and it’s difficult to be sure if a piece or set will fit well or flatter your figure before you put it on your body, it is especially vital for online lingerie stores to maintain satisfactory shipping and return policies.

HauteFlair’s shipping and return policies are exemplary. They offer free exchanges and returns on any order and accept returns hassle-free for thirty days after purchase. Your package arrives with a pre-paid return label included inside to make your potential return process easier.

Shipping is free on orders of $70 or more. You can also choose from several affordable shipping options ranging from 1-2 day shipping to 5-10 day shipping, so you can choose exactly when you want your package to arrive, and you don’t have to stress about whether or not you’ll get your items in time if you need them in a rush. HauteFlair’s standard, non-expedited shipping option is also very fast; items ordered within the US usually arrive within four to twelve business days, and all international orders are guaranteed to arrive within seven to twenty-one business days. The brand ships to foreign countries all around the world and most commonly to Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Customer Service

When it comes to online stores, customer service often leaves much to be desired. Unlike physical stores, online stores usually operate remotely and don’t provide shoppers with many—or any—contact or assistance options.

HauteFlair provides customers with multiple contact methods including a direct phone number, which is a rarity among online stores. The brand features immediate text assistance that is continuously available to customers while they shop. HauteFlair’s website also offers "how to size" information that helps you instantly determine which size to buy depending on the piece you want. Their blog offers additional tips and advice that is regularly updated to help you lingerie shop with more satisfying results.

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