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Waist Trainer Shapewear, Waist Cincher, and Waist Training

Most waist trainers shapewear are designed for everyday wear to help shape your waist as you engage in your daily activities or even while you sleep. Other waist trainers, however, are specifically constructed for use while working out. These fitness or sport waist trainers help you burn fat at an increased rate and slim your waistline more quickly and easily by automatically melting fat from your waist and tummy as you sweat during your workout.

Since you wear your fitness waist trainer while you exercise, the comfort and support it provides should be at the top of your list of priorities. Cardio and strength work can be tough enough without worrying about feeling suffocated by your workout waist trainer. Of course, it is also vital that your waist trainer is actually effective. Otherwise, wearing it is just a pointless hassle. Fortunately, there are many waist trainer shapewear brands that provide you with a wide range of some of the best workout waist trainers on the market so you can choose one that meets your unique needs.

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Best Waist Trainers for working out

10. Ann Chery Sports Waist Training Girdle Shapewear

Ann Chery Sports Waist Training GirdleAnn Chery Sports Waist Training Girdle

This waist training girdle from Ann Chery fits snugly around your middle to stimulate heightened fat burning for your love handles, waist, and tummy. It closes in the front and features rows of hooks that allow you to fasten the girdle securely for maximum results.

The waist trainer corset has the perfect design for wear under workout clothes. It comes up just below your bra line so that you can easily wear it with a standard supportive sports bra and extends down just past your waist. The waist trainer also has a seamless finish so you can wear it underneath tight workout tanks without worrying about tell-tale lines.

9. Pearl Yummie Tummie 3-Panel Tank Shapewear

Pearl Yummie Tummie 3-Panel TankPearl Yummie Tummie 3-Panel Tank

This shaping tank acts as a cute, casual shirt and an effective waist trainer at the same time. Its simple, versatile style allows you to wear it every day or strictly during your workouts.

Equipped with three heat-absorbing panels and a firm shaping panel for your tummy and waist, this waist trainer effectively melts fat while you exercise. Plus, you never have to worry about visibility with this waist trainer. No one will ever know your casual tank top is really shapewear.

8. Ann Chery Metallic Gold Workout Latex Waist Cincher

Ann Chery Metallic Gold Workout Latex Waist CincherAnn Chery Metallic Gold Workout Latex Waist Cincher

You can feel like a queen in this fun and effective metallic gold workout waist trainer. It is crafted from shiny gold latex that conforms to your body like a second skin for a snug and comfortable fit. The latex material helps absorb and dissipate your body heat while you sweat to maximize the effectiveness of the waist training corset.

The waist trainer features a structured row of hooks at the front that allow you to easily take the corset on and off before and after your workout. Plus, the latex material and sleek construction of this waist trainer makes it completely invisible under most workout clothes.

7. TrueShapers Workout Waist Cincher High Compression Shapewear

TrueShapers Workout Waist Cincher High CompressionTrueShapers Workout Waist Cincher High Compression

Designed to burn the maximum amount of fat possible during your cardio or strength-training workout, this waist trainer features a thermal core that effectively distributes your body heat while fending off sweat and keeping you cool.

The high-compression female waist trainer also features internal boning that helps slim your midsection and transform your waist as quickly as possible. In terms of comfort, the waist cincher is extremely flexible and feels soft from the inside out.

6. TrueShapers Waist Cincher Ultra High Compression Shapewear

TrueShapers Workout Waist Cincher High CompressionTrueShapers Workout Waist Cincher High Compression

This ultra high compression workout waist cincher features virtually the same construction as TrueShaper’s classic version with a bit of added effectiveness.

The waist trainer for women transforms your tummy, waist, sides, and back all at the same time with its ultra high compression. It corrects your posture and melts fat at twice the rate of other waist trainers with less severe compression. The high and ultra high compression workout waist cinchers from TrueShapers are also some of the best waist trainer corsets for weight loss. Best Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss 

5. Ann Chery Latex Metallic Edition Sports Waist Trainer Shapewear

Ann Chery Latex Metallic Edition Sports Waist TrainerAnn Chery Latex Metallic Edition Sports Waist Trainer

This Ann Chery waist trainer is designed specifically for wear during exercise and workouts. Because it is a sports waist trainer, it is comfortable and flexible in order to allow you to move easily through any workout, sport, or other vigorous activity.

Like other latex waist trainers from Ann Chery, this waist trainer’s latex material fits tightly against your skin for a comfortable, effective, and invisible finish under almost any workout clothing.

4. Ann Chery Latex Fit Waist Trainer Belt

Ann Chery Latex Fit Waist Trainer Belt - Waist Trainer Shapewear

A little bit different than your average waist trainer, this waist trainer belt is very effective at quick and easy waist training. It is comfortable, adjustable, and very easy to take on and off before and after your workouts due to its simple yet secure Velcro closure.

This workout waist band fits snugly around your waist, tummy, and back to slim all areas of your midsection. Its adjustability allows you to easily make the band as tight as you want to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility.

3. Ann Chery Control Legging High Waisted Shapewear

Ann Chery Control Legging High WaistedAnn Chery Control Legging High Waisted

These high-waisted leggings are simple, effective, and the perfect choice for everyday and workout wear.

The neutral black leggings feature a high-waisted construction that firmly yet subtly shapes your tummy, sides, back, and all at the same time. Their cropped design encourage easy mobility and flexibility for any workout.

2. Ann Chery Latex Vest 3 Hooks Waist Trainer Cincher

Ann Chery Latex Vest 3 Hooks Waist Trainer CincherAnn Chery Latex Vest 3 Hooks Waist Trainer Cincher

You never have to worry about slipping out of your shapewear while you exercise with this workout waist trainer vest.

The vest fastens under your bust to allow you to wear any bra you prefer. It features tank-top straps and a full-back construction to slim your waist, tummy, back, and sides simultaneously. Equipped with three rows of hooks, the waist trainer is adjustable to match your desired level of tightness and compression.

1. Ann Chery Control Leggings Shapewear

 Ann Chery Control LeggingsAnn Chery Control Leggings


Look like you’re wearing normal leggings while shaping and slimming your midsection at the same time with these control leggings from Ann Chery.

The leggings have a mid-rise design with a snugly-fitting, thick waistband that perfectly targets fat on your tummy and waist. They are full-length leggings and extend down past your ankles for both everyday or workout wear.


Waist Trainers and Waist Training: Commonly Asked Questions

Waist training is a fairly new contemporary weight loss trend inspired by the support of major celebrities—including most of the Kardashian sisters—who have raved about the fitness strategy and discussed how they incorporate it into their own workout routines.

Despite its extreme popularity in the modern fitness world, many women remain skeptical of this hyped-up weight loss technique. If you’re curious about waist training, how it works, and how well it works, keep reading to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about waist trainers and waist training.


Are Waist Trainer Results Permanent?

One of the biggest questions about waist training is whether or not it actually helps you look slimmer and lose weight when you’re not actively wearing your trainer.

While your waist won’t look quite as slim and your tummy won’t look as flat once you take your waist trainer off, waist training does have permanent and semi-permanent results. It helps you burn calories and lose weight more quickly easily. Plus, its compression also semi-permanently slims and shapes your hips, tummy, and waist if you waist train regularly.


Can Waist Trainers Help With Love Handles?

Waist trainers do not directly target fat on your midsection, so waist training alone does not guarantee fat loss from your love handles or tummy.

However, waist training does help you burn more calories and drop pounds. If you combine wearing your waist trainer with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan, you should experience more targeted fat loss as well.


Can Waist Trainers Cause Back Pain?

A common misconception about waist trainers is that they cause back pain. If you wear a good-quality waist trainer correctly, you should not experience any related back pain.

In fact, waist training can actually decrease any back pain you experience because it helps align your spine and improves your posture.


Can Waist Trainers be Worn Under Clothes?

You can most certainly wear a waist trainer under your clothes. In fact, the majority of waist trainers are designed to be worn invisibly underneath your clothes when you’re exercising or going about your daily life.

If you feel comfortable showing off your waist trainer and want to avoid dealing with an extra layer while you’re working out, you can also choose a trainer that is designed to be worn by itself. Some of the waist trainers in this guide feature bright colors and stylish patterns that encourage you to show them off at the gym without covering up.


What Waist Trainer Works Best?

There is no single answer to the question of which waist trainers are most effective. Of course, some waist trainers are better than others, and a low-quality trainer probably won’t yield visible.

The waist trainer that will be most effective for you is the one that is best-suited for your unique body and fitness goals. Check out the diverse range of waist trainers detailed earlier in this guide to find one that meets all of your needs.

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