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Plus Size Lingerie

Plus Size Lingerie:

Discover a whole new world of plus size lingerie pieces and sets within this expansive plus size lingerie collection. For plus size women, it can seem almost impossible to find lingerie pieces that fit well and flatter your figure. 

Many plus size women feel slighted by the lack of plus size lingerie pieces sold by mainstream retailers and the overabundance of all types of lingerie in every style and color that are available only in standard sizes. If you can relate to that indignation, your feelings are completely justified. The disparity between the amount of high-quality, stylish lingerie pieces sold in standard sizes and those sold in plus sizes is much too large for absolutely no reason. This plus size lingerie collection is designed to contribute to the resolution of this problem. It includes a broad range of plus size lingerie choices that vary widely in style and design to ensure that women of all shapes and sizes are able to find their dream lingerie without a long and frustrating search. 

The lingerie pieces and sets in this collection are not the only plus size pieces and sets that HauteFlair offers. HauteFlair separates plus size lingerie into eight different sub-categories, including this general collection as well as separate holiday lingerie, Valentine’s Day lingerie, swim, teddy, bras, shapewear, and T-shirt bra collections. If you’re looking for a certain style of lingerie or lingerie to wear for a special occasion, browse through the other plus size collections on this site to find more specialized pieces. On the other hand, if you’re in search of top-quality sexy lingerie for everyday wear, you have plenty of options in this plus size lingerie collection. 

Plus Size Panties

If you’re in the market for some new sexy panty styles, look no further than this plus size lingerie collection. The collection includes several different panty styles that are designed to flatter many different body types and satisfy a wide range of style preferences.

Pick out a pair of crotchless panties in a playful leopard print if you want to create a bold and scandalous look. Or, go with an intricate high-waisted panty that flatters your curves and features lace and ribbon embellishments that will make you feel instantly sexy and feminine. These panty styles and more are yours to choose from in this collection. 

Plus Size Babydoll

Babydolls are a beloved type of lingerie among women of all shapes and sizes, but they are especially popular among plus size women. The fitted bust of babydoll nighties supports and enhances your breasts while the flowing skirted bottom provides plenty of room for your curves. 

You can choose from many different babydoll styles in this collection. Your options range from a full-coverage push-up babydoll to an open-front style crafted from sheer lace and many other styles in between. Most of the babydolls in this collection also come with a matching g-string panty that provides you with a full lingerie look in just one purchase. 

Plus Size Garter Belt Sets 

This collection includes many different garter belt sets. If you're looking for a classic, sexy, complete lingerie look, you can’t go wrong with any of the styles here. 

The garter belt sets in this collection are available in a variety of styles: longline, stretch lace, etc. All of the sets are crafted from a blend of lace and satin materials with intricate detailing that leave them with an elegant, alluring finish. 


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